“The Samurai Dog: The Legend of Kakamucho”: the first trailer for this animated film has already been released

samurai dog, As its name implies, it has as its protagonist a dog without luck named Hank. He finds himself in a city full of cats who need a hero to defend themselves against a ruthless villain who has an evil plan to wipe the village from him. With the reluctant help of a teacher, our unlucky friend must assume the role of a samurai warrior and team up with the inhabitants of the village to save the day. The only problem? Cats hate dogs! So, you can imagine.


When the teacher asks Hank why he wants to be a samurai, Hank lets him know that he lived in a dangerous neighborhood full of very bad dogs and had a very bad time because everyone was always bothering him and because of that, he thought that if he became samurai everything would change. However, when he decides to become one, with the guidance of his teacher; It’s not that things go well for him, because he has to learn step by step and continue facing the adversities that come his way, until he feels worthy of being the samurai that he so longs for; or until it works.

with the voices of Mel Brooks, George Takei, Aasif Mandwi, Gabriel Iglesias, Djimon Honsou, michelle yeo, kylie kuiokaY Cathy Shim, will hit theaters very soon, exactly on July 22. For Latin America, Juanpa Zurita will be Hank and Faisy will lend his voice to Ika Chu. This is a production of Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, Align and Aniventure, which present in association with HB Wink Animation and GFM Animation.


From what you’ve seen so far: what did you think was the best?

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