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The Samsung-AMD relationship continues

The Samsung-AMD relationship continues

In 2019, AMD and Samsung announced that they would enter into a partnership, and the mobile manufacturer would license the former’s RDNA architectures and technologies. The first tangible result of this was last year with the Samsung Xclipse 920 GPU debuting in the Exynos 2200, based on RDNA 2. It was the first mobile GPU with hardware-level ray tracing (ray tracing) and with VRS (variable rate shading), at the same time, the premiere was overshadowed by the problematic optimization at the start of the S22 family in Europe, and this year not a single high-end device received an Exynos chip and therefore an RDNA-based GPU.

CEO Dr. Lisa Su at an AMD keynote in 2021 [+]

However, this is the past, and the performance of the S22 has been improved over time, so Samsung and AMD have extended their multi-year and multi-generation framework agreement so that even more Exynos chips can benefit from the RDNA architecture. So far, it has not been mentioned which chipset will be able to use a graphics accelerator based on AMD technology next, but sometimes the name Exnos 2300 pops up.

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