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The S23 Ultra was unpacked and photographed

The S23 Ultra was unpacked and photographed

It seems that, officially or unofficially, some people are already testing behind the scenes and confidentiality statements Samsung’s flagship devices arriving on February 1st, of which the Galaxy S23 Ultra will naturally be the most serious piece. Of course, this does not mean that key information is not leaked.

Even if someone blinks reading from the S Pen, the extensive camera data from the official specification is still there: 200-megapixel main camera (23 mm, f/1.7, optical image stabilization), 12-megapixel ultra-wide (13 mm, f/2.2) , one 3x zoom unit (10 megapixel, 69 mm, f/2.4, optical image stabilization) and another 10x (10 megapixel, 230 mm, f/4.9, optical image stabilization).

The Nicaraguan Edwards Urbina he also got a device, or the materials shown here just turned up in his mailbox, in any case, the S23 Ultra was unpacked above, and then taken to take photos. Daytime images can be viewed in several zoom ranges first, then nighttime images with the main camera.

Although Urbina does not elaborate on how he compares the flagship device to the left (possibly with the normal mode of the Galaxy S23 Ultra or another phone), the right can in any case see significantly more in the pitch black, night shots, and the colors are fine.

It’s no wonder, since the main camera almost certainly uses the 1/1.3″ size, wild new ISOCELL HP2 sensor with great pixel combining tricks. Rumors are also about more advanced and more advantageous image processing in terms of details.

There is only a week left until the presentation, at which we will take a look at my most serious S23, which of course does not officially exist yet, and then the test, including clicking and video recording, can come.

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