The romantic movie that is a success on Netflix, and a few days after its premiere

“Love and Ice Cream”: The adventures and misadventures of Lina, a young American woman who discovers romance on the streets of Rome. (Netflix)

The film love and ice cream managed to land on Netflix with her right foot and in her debut on June 22 she placed comfortably in first place. Directed by Brandon Camp (benji) this film is a classic romantic comedy that tells the story of Lina Emerson, played by Susanna Skags (Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Mercedes), a 17-year-old teenager who decides to spend a few days in Rome before entering university, thus fulfilling her mother’s last wish. While she is reading the personal diary of her mother (who went through a terminal illness), Lina will discover facts about the past of both.

Following the fashion of adapting romance novels popular among the younger generation, Netflix decided to take this 2016 book and make it real in a movie. Jenna Evans-Welch is the literary author of this plot that managed to sell countless copies and was a best seller. Some of her other novels include love and luck (2017) and love and olives (2020), that new adaptations are surely possible given the great reception of love and ice cream.

Lina walks the streets of Rome in "Love and Ice Cream".  (Netflix)
Lina walks the streets of Rome in “Love and Ice Cream”. (Netflix)

Lina arrives in the Italian capital to fulfill this request from her mother who wanted her to meet her father with whom she lost contact (and bond) many years ago. But beyond this original mission of the trip, the young woman will come across all the pleasures that this place offers her, such as food, trying a good ice cream and of course, love.

They complete the cast Tobia DeAngelis (Made in Italy) who plays Lorenzo Ferrazza, who will try to win Lina’s heart and has the desire to be a chef, and Owen McDonnell (killing eve) in the role of Howard. They also add Robin Tunney, Anjelika Washington, Valentina Lodovini as Lina’s mom’s cousin, Francesca, Alex Boniello, Marie-France Clay, Tera Hendrickson, Saul Nanni as Alesandro, another of Lina’s suitorsJacopo Relucenti, Michele Favaro, Claudia Stecher Y Luca Mushroom, among others.

The kitchen says present in "Love and ice cream", and becomes the common thread of the plot.  (Netflix)
The kitchen says present in “Love and ice cream”, and becomes the common thread of the plot. (Netflix)

love and ice cream it is not surprising (it is not its objective either), and on the contrary, it tries to stay in the comfortable place of the search for the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Lina is introduced as a reserved girl who likes to read and is not the classic party girl. Precisely, this trip with her experiences will connect her with a new facet of her life that has not been explored until now.

It is also very visual since we go through all the emblematic places of the “Eternal City” together with the protagonist and it reminds us of that 1953 film starring the couple of actors Audrey Hepburn Y Gregory Peck, The princess who wanted to live (Roman Holiday), for his motorcycle tours through the cobbled Roman streets.

  Susanna Skaggs is Lina, the young woman who travels to Rome to fulfill her mother's wish before she dies.  (Netflix)
Susanna Skaggs is Lina, the young woman who travels to Rome to fulfill her mother’s wish before she dies. (Netflix)

A light proposal that connects us with skin-deep feelings and invites us to fall in love and travel.

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