Home Android The ROG Phone 7 has arrived, there are also Hungarian prices

The ROG Phone 7 has arrived, there are also Hungarian prices

The ROG Phone 7 has arrived, there are also Hungarian prices

Less than a year has passed since the ROG Phone 6 was announced, and the 6D Ultimate was launched in October, but the new generation is already here, which, unsurprisingly, is called the ROG Phone 7. Two products were received as a result, because there is no Pro model now, but there is an Ultimate right away. In terms of hardware and basic functions, they are now the same (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2), the differences are more to be found in the extras.

The rear of the Ultimate model has an external PMOLED display, it also inherited the motorized slats from its predecessor, this solution works together with the external cooling fan included in the package, and in terms of storage space and memory, the Ultimate can only be purchased with the highest configuration. This is by the way 589,990 represents a HUF price with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage space, while the non-Ultimate ROG 7 already 429,990 This 12/256 GB version can be taken away for HUF, and the 16/512 GB ROG 7 506,990 will be available at HUF. The company will also launch a pre-order campaign after the presentation, within the framework of which the AeroActive Cooler 7 cooler will also be added to the ROG Phone 7s, while stocks last.

This is the Ultimate model [+]

By the way, these prices are not significantly higher than last year’s opening prices, which is perhaps also justified by the fact that many parameters of the ROG 7 are very similar to the ROG 6 (display, camera), but the chipset is fresh, the cooling system has been redesigned and the design also renewed. Our detailed test reports on what kind of progress these changes represent in practice, which you can read now.


In any case, based on its own measurements, Asus believes that the success of the ROG series is unbroken, last year users spent 36% more time playing games on ROG phones than a year before, even though the iPhone and the current Samsung Galaxy S top model. At the same time, however, Asus is still the strongest player in that it builds dedicated gamer functions into its phone, here the 165 Hz display without any camera holes or notches, touch trigger buttons on the side, two USB ports, flow-through charging, a sound system specially optimized for gaming and a large offering a battery, not to mention the special cooling system. However, this also means that much less focus falls on the camera system, which apparently has not been tampered with much.

AeroActive Cooler 7 on the back
AeroActive Cooler 7 on the back [+]

Asus has ordered everything for this model under gaming, but the Zenfone 10 will also arrive soon, which will be the manufacturer’s more conventional phone designed for general use, although according to the news, they will let go of the philosophy of great knowledge associated with small size.

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