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The robbery that united Luis Tosar (‘Hasta el cielo’) and Álex García (‘El inmortal’)

The robbery that united Luis Tosar ('Hasta el cielo') and Álex García ('El inmortal')

the ways of Luis Tosar and Alex Garcia they cross again to find themselves in a robbery. But not just any robbery, but in the plot of a moral thriller that perfectly reflects addiction, willpower, destiny and the struggle between want and power. We are talking about ‘Fatum’, the film that came out in theaters a little over a month ago and boasts favorable reviews: debuted raising 315,414 euros.

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The thriller directed by Juan Galiñanes tells the story of Sergio (Luis Tosar), a family man addicted to gambling. After swearing to his wife that he would never fall back into addiction, he receives a tip about an alleged fixing of a soccer game and, unable to keep his promise, returns to the bookmaker with the intention of recovering all the money he lost.

“Save a Life, Avenge a Death”

Parallel to Sergio’s plot, he is intermingled with the character of Alejo who, with a past also dotted with gambling, breaks into the game room armed to rob him. Pablo (Alex Garcia) He is a GEO sniper, he is pressured by Commissioner Costa to serve in the robbery.

Revenge and chance are served with ‘Fatum’. It could not be less with the cast that fiction boasts with stars of the Spanish scene without forgetting Arón Piper, Luisa Mayol and Elena Amayasecondary characters of the cast but that it is impossible to let them ignore.

Luis Tosar and Álex García, this time they find themselves facing each other in a robbery in an environment that we are very little used to seeing. Furthermore, a series of successions and coincidences will keep us hooked with the continuous unexpected happenings in the film.

Luis Tosar: next projects

With a long professional career in the cinema, Luis Tosar has another project on his hands that opens on June 16 in cinemas. It’s about the movie ‘The fantastic case of the Golem’, the hooligan comedy starring Brays Efe that you can’t miss to start the summer with humor through the roof. In addition to the star protagonist, in the cast we find Bruna Cusí and Javier Botet.

‘Fatum’ poster

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