The Rings of Power: Connection between Sauron and the Stranger is detailed; Look!

In a recent interview, showrunner Patrick McKay brought new information about the future of the series. The Rings of Power. According to him, the next season will explore the connections between the Stranger and Sauron, reviving stories about their origins and developing the plots based on their original identities.


After Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) revealed his disguise as Sauron and the Stranger (Daniel Weyman) being mistaken as the leader of the Dark Army, it was concluded that, in fact, the spaceman is an Istar, a celestial being considered to be one of the mages of Earth. Middle Earth.

According to McKay, this information will be continued in the next cycle and will be increasingly related, resonating in a profound journey of revelation and self-discovery.


“The Stranger’s journey and Nori’s journey with him is a discovery,” McKay told Deadline. “And for him it is a self-discovery. The stars he is looking for are far to the east in Rhûn, where they are strange. He has discovered that he is, ostensibly, an Istar, which means ‘mage.’ And he has learned something else from the mystics. , as we call them. They say he’s not Sauron, he’s ‘the Other’. Which kind of implies that potentially his fate is somehow intertwined with Sauron’s.”


These theories reinforce the convergence with some narratives in the book the Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkien. As the stories say, the Stranger and Sauron are Maiar, Ainur spirits of lesser lineage who descended to Arda at the dawn of time, with a mission to assist in combat and in the formation of societies.

While several of these angelics resided in ancient Valinor, others were sent to lead the resistance against the threats of Mordor, as in the cases of Gandalf and Saruman—Olórin and Curunír respectively.

More information will be revealed later, with the arrival of the second season of The Rings of Power. So far, there is no release date announced by Prime Video.

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