The return of Paquita Salas to social networks from a scene that has gone viral

From the events surrounding the hunger strike of the mother of Luis Rubialesusers of social networks have shared all kinds of reactions, among which is the comparison with one of the most acclaimed series in Spain by the public, ‘Paquita Salas’.

This comedy of Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi stars actors such as Brays Efe, Belén Cuesta, Lidia San José and Yolanda Ramos. The characters they all play have echoed on the X social network, formerly known as Twitter, based on an iconic scene from the series with which a user of the network has compared these events.

The viral comparison with Paquita: “Of course I eat the cake!”

The shared sequence in X belong to one of the most surreal chapters of the season 3 of ‘Paquita Salas’ in which its protagonist has to deal with endless problems. The PS Management team travels to Navarrete (La Rioja) to watch over Paquita’s deceased mother and run away from questions of the press about the Belinda Washington scandalan actress represented by the team who was greatly affected when some intimate images of her were leaked on a television program.

With the coffin of Paquita’s mother in the middle of the living room and all the media trying to get Belinda Washington’s statements at the door of her house, the representative raises her voice and begins to give very clear orders about what the modus operandi of the team before all this problematic situation: “Everyone against the walls! No one leaves here. We close doors and windows.”

Before the bewilderment of all the characters present in mourning for Paquita’s mother, she warns between voices the dire consequences what it will have for any of them if they dare to leave the house: “If someone speaks or raises a voice above the other in this house (…) that person goes out with my mother sharing a coffin and notice that it is small And if I have to chop it, I’ll chop it!”

I eat the cake and whatever I want! bring me cream

The sweets, so dear to the protagonist, do not arrive until the end of the scene. Paquita Salas, in the middle of an episode of anxiety about the whole situation around her to her and her loved ones, she desperately decides to eat a cake: “And now I eat the cake, of course I eat the cake! I eat the cake and whatever I want! Bring me cream”.

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