The reason why Alan Moore will stop collecting royalties for adaptations of his comics

Few figures have influenced superheroics as much as they have. Alan Moore, and even fewer deny their achievements with such fury. The man behind comics like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen either The Killing Joke has been very vocal about how much he dislikes the future of the industry and how his business has evolved. fandomthinking particularly about the way their approaches to batman or one’s own Watchmen They changed everything in the 80s.

Moore has reflected on it again with The Telegraph. “I didn’t mean to my experiments with the comic were immediately considered something the entire industry should do.” That “something” it wouldn’t be so much complex characters as cosmetically dark. “When he did things like WatchmenI wasn’t saying that the dark and psychopathic characters were coolbut it seems that that was the message that was left to the industry during the next 20 years“, keep going.

Moore long ago retired from writing comics, while also ceasing to make public appearances. He now dedicates himself to literature all his life, and in fact the interview has come about the publication of an anthology of stories, Illuminations. Here Moore has also explained why he stopped going to events with fans: it was after “discovering at comic conventions that he would talk to people and they would look at me as if they were having some kind of religious experience instead of a normal conversation.”

Moore also tends to be very critical of each film adaptation of his work. He has the habit of refusing to let his name appear on the credits, although until now he has agreed to collect royalties. It is something that is going to change for the future, as has just been revealed for The Telegraph. “I no longer even want to share the copyright with the writers. In the latest films I don’t think the original principles have been maintained. So I’ve asked DC Comics to send all money from any future series or movies to Black Lives Matter”.

Black Lives Matter is, in effect, the organization that fights racism in the US. It is a striking movement, but one that fits with other statements that Moore made. The author of Watchmen has come to argue that superheroes, insofar as their politically problematic crusades and taste for wearing masks, could be an incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan. Even so, and judging by this last testimony, it does not seem to have connected with an adaptation of his work that examined this problem head-on: the Watchmen of Damon Lindelof.

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