The Razr 2023 can send rivals to the bottom of the sea

Evan Blass fresh Motorola Razr 2023 came up with render images, and our hearts stopped beating for a moment: if the 3D materials shown here have any real substance, this year’s bendable Moto could be what the modernized shell genre should have always been.

(source: Evan Blass)

The entire screen that surrounds the closed camera side (minus the hinge part) is bizarre only until we consider that the punched display is actually commonplace in the mobile world, and instead of a technological one, it can only be a budgetary obstacle to the implementation.

(source: Evan Blass)

However, since the bendable wonders are already very expensive, Motorola can simply charge the customer with this super solution, after which you can no longer be fussy with a Z Flip mini display, but the Find N2 Flip can also be ashamed of itself.

(source: Evan Blass)

The Razr 2023 was mentioned by Evan Blass before, in fact: and Junorespectively Venus at work, he immediately heard about the arrival of two versions, one of which can obviously count on the most powerful chip available, and this is now the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (excluding the Galaxy special edition). The other is expected with more modest specifications and a price tag – and according to the rules of mobile market logic, a smaller, more traditional external display.

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