The radical change of Josh Holloway, the actor who gave life to Sawyer in ‘Lost’, 13 years after the end of the series

Few series in the history of television have had the huge repercussion that it got lost at the time. The ABC series aired during six years (in Spain it can be seen through Amazon Prime Video) and, despite the fact that it gradually lost its audience until it reached its controversial end 13 years ago, it continues to be one of the fictions that have marked the 21st century.

Characters like Jack, Kate or John, were present in the 121 episodes of the series, in which each one took out their survival instincts in order to survive on the island, which is almost another protagonist of fiction. But without a doubt, one of those who had the most impulses of resistance in all of lost it was James Ford, more known as Sawyer.

Josh Holloway was Sawyer in ‘Lost’

Who gave life to the scammer was Josh Holloway actor born in California in 1969. The one from San José began his career appearing in low budget movies I am playing very fleeting characters in series like CSI, NCIS either walker texas ranger.

Josh Holloway in his appearance on ‘CSI’ (2003)

It wasn’t until 2004 when the actor finally found a role that would earn him enormous popularity, and that was Sawyer’s. For six years, the cold and scam calculator (but a very sensitive man on the inside) angered and moved the audience, making Holloway one of the main television actors of the 2000s.

Californian actor Josh Holloway.
Californian actor Josh Holloway.

During the time that Sawyer was missing on the island, Josh Holloway he shot several movies as Just Yell Fire (2006) or stay cool (2009), although the best known to the public was whisper (2007), in which the actor plays an ex-convict who must commit a crime again in order to rebuild his life outside of prison.

Josh Holloway in 'Whisper' (2007).
Josh Holloway in ‘Whisper’ (2007).
Gold Circle Films

After ‘Lost’

After what the series ended in 2010, The Californian embarked on other projects, the best known being the fourth installment of a franchise that is already in its seventh film: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2001), in which he plays a murdered IMF agent. Two years later he participated in the film Paranoia (2013), a drama that had a stellar cast (Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth…) but was a real failure.

The following year he obtained a secondary role in the movie sabotage (2014), starring Arnold Shwartzenegger, but his biggest role was the leading role in the Serie Intelligence, in which he gave life to an agent with a microchip in his brain that could connect to the network. The fiction was canceled after only one season.

Josh Holloway, star of the series 'Intelligence'.
Josh Holloway, star of the series ‘Intelligence’.

But a fiction that fared better was Colonyreleased in 2016 and that it had three seasons. Holloway was in charge of starring in this science fiction USA Network production, in which Josh gave life to a family man who will try to protect his wife and his children in a militarily occupied city of Los Angeles. by alien forces.

In addition to being the creator of Bates Motel, Carlton Cuse was one of the regular writers on Lost.  That is why he does us the immense favor of returning Josh Holloway to us in this series that gives an interesting twist to the subject of alien invasions.  Because, what happens when the greatest threat does not come from aliens, but from their human collaborators?, , Premiere: 2018 (SYFY
Josh Holloway in ‘Colony’.
USA Network

His last television appearance was in 2020, when he became a recurring character during the third season of yellowstone. The one from San José played Roarke, owner of the cross creek ranch and that he was the main antagonist of that installment of fiction. Since then, he has not participated in any project.

Josh Holloway in the third season of 'Yellowstone'.
Josh Holloway in the third season of ‘Yellowstone’.

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