The PS5 hacked: here’s what you need to know about the console security issue

A group of hackers claim to have managed to decrypt the firmware of the PS5 and gain access to the encryption keys of the PlayStation 5. A crucial moment for the Sony console.

The PS5 motherboard

The PS5 motherboard // Source: Frandroid screenshot

Since the first consoles, it’s been a cat-and-mouse game between the manufacturers who sell a closed machine and the hackers who want to open it and allow it to launch all kinds of software. The stake for a console manufacturer is obviously not so much to prevent you from installing Linux (the PlayStation 3 very officially authorized it for a time), but rather to prevent pirates from running games marketed shared in line.


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The launch of a generation is an opportunity to reset the counters and to offer a new machine with new safety features. Unfortunately for Sony, it seems that the security put in place for the PlayStation 5 has been insufficient. The Fail0verflow hacker group announces that it has opened the console.

PS5 hacked: A deep software flaw exploited

The Fail0verflow group posted an image on Twitter showing a readable version of firmware 4.03 and, more specifically, demonstrating that the group has access to the PS5’s symmetrical keys. The second tweet states that this was obtained by software.

Translation: We got all (symmetric) ps5 root keys. They can all be obtained from software – including per-console root key, if you look hard enough!

– fail0verflow (@ fail0verflow) November 8, 2021


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He probably uses the same loophole and does not intend to disclose the method. The Fail0verflow group got into the habit of revealing its method after the manufacturer had corrected the problem. We can expect an update from Sony as soon as the flaw has been corrected.

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