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The protagonist of ‘Aladdin’ angers the internet for his comments on ‘The Little Mermaid’ (and Twitter is deleted)

The protagonist of 'Aladdin' angers the internet for his comments on 'The Little Mermaid' (and Twitter is deleted)

Mena Massoud, the actor of Egyptian origin and protagonist of the live-action of aladdinhas received a barrage of criticism these days for your comments about The little Mermaid on his Twitter account, which he decided to close after the controversy gradually escalated.

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On May 26, the live action of The little Mermaidstarring Halle Bailey, will land in movie theaters around the world. Although many media have already ventured to carry out Box office box office estimates, even talking about possible continuations. A fact that especially angered Massoud, who shared a tweet on social networks.

“Our film was unique in that audiences went to see it multiple times. It’s the only way we’re going to make $1 billion with our opening. My bet is that The little Mermaid It’s not going to cross the 1 billion mark, but it’s definitely going to have a sequel.“, pointed out the interpreter about the premiere of the film directed by Rob Marshall.

Will ‘Aladdin’ have a second movie?

These words provoked numerous responses against the actor, who was accused of lack of camaraderie before the imminent release of a film that has received the hatred of the most conservative sector. Massoud decided to ignore it and his Twitter account was deleted.

His message comes after Massoud waited for Disney to bet on a sequel to aladdin, after the success of this live action film. With a budget of 183 million dollars, The movie raised more than 1,000 million dollars, becoming one of the most successful live-action of the company, although behind the numbers of The Lion King (more than 1,663 million collected).

The controversy of Will Smith, in the role of the Genieand the disparate professional critics were key in the stoppage of a rumored project that would continue the plot of the Guy Ritchie film. A film that, for the moment, seems to never see the light of day.

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