“The Princess”, the new documentary about Lady Di that will premiere on HBO

“The Princess” tells Diana’s story exclusively through contemporary archival footage, creating a bold and immersive account of her life and death. (Madame Films)

According to the information disclosed, princess will launch on Saturday, August 13, coexisting with the 25th anniversary of Diana’s departure, on August 31. In the same way, for that same day you will also be able to see it in hbo max.

The screenwriter and director of princess it is Ed Perkins (Black Sheep; Tell me who I am), who, taking into account the existing audiovisual works carried out regarding the Princess of Wales, and in order to give the new story a more real touch, decided to include only images from television news and other public records. In addition to Perkinsother figures within this project are Simon Y Jonathan Chinwho act as producers in association with Light box.

“The Princess” was written and directed by Ed Perkins. (light box)

Other topics covered princess

This documentary, lasting less than two hours, will also address the relationship between Diana and Charles, the Prince and Princess of Wales, which, in one way or another, became a kind of bait for the British and international tabloids for almost two decades, for their marriage, the birth of their children and their intricate separation.

According to its official statement, princess is described as “a visceral immersion into Diana’s life under the constant glare of the media spotlight.”. One thing to highlight is that it will unfold as if it were today, creating awareness in the viewer of the adoration that was towards her; but equally, the harassing scrutiny and prejudice that she experienced in every movement of her life. So, through the archive material, the biography of the princess is also a reflection of the society of that time, revealing the public’s own concerns, aspirations and desires.

Official poster of the British documentary "The Princess".  (light box)
Official poster of the British documentary “The Princess”. (light box)

One of the strongest points to touch on is Diana’s death, in part caused by a fierce harassment she experienced while being chased at high speed by the paparazzi. This made such an impact. that led society to question and reflect on her behavior as a public and as a media industry.

princess was first presented at the Sundance Film Festival this year with positive reactions. For example, the magazine rolling stone stated that this project Perkins is the definitive documentary about the Princess of Wales. Adding that he “questions the repercussions of elevating someone to that level of fame and being willing to revel in all their flaws.”

Photographers and emergency workers at the scene of Princess Diana's fatal accident.  The image shows the remains of the Mercedes-Benz where she was traveling.  (REX Features/Shutterstock/The Grosby Group)
Photographers and emergency workers at the scene of Princess Diana’s fatal accident. The image shows the remains of the Mercedes-Benz where she was traveling. (REX Features/Shutterstock/The Grosby Group)

On the other hand, and finally, Owen Gleibermann of Variety stressed an important point regarding this, asserting the following: “Since we have never stopped seeing it, princesswhich comes after spencerseason 4 of The Crown and the short-lived musical, DianaIt may sound like more of the same. However, after all those dramatic treatments, it’s exciting to see the true story presented exactly as it happened, or, more precisely, how it was presented to the audience, which are often two very different things.”

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