Home Android The premiere of Honor Magic5 is scheduled for February 27

The premiere of Honor Magic5 is scheduled for February 27

The premiere of Honor Magic5 is scheduled for February 27

Piaget is produced under the code name a Honor Magic5 and presumably together with it the Magic5 Pro, as the brand’s high-end smartphone, writes a Digital Chat Station. The mobile also appeared among the devices authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and based on Chinese rumors, a render image was also made of the shape the back of the new phone might take, which we also published.

Schematic drawing of the back of the Honor Magic5, which confirms the render images seen. [+]

The render images are also confirmed by photos taken of the alleged new camera ring. The 100X zoom label almost certainly does not mean optical, but digital (hybrid) magnification, according to rumors, the Magic5’s periscope camera will be capable of ten times optical zoom. However, the top category does not fall into the megapixel pursuit of mid-range devices, all three viewing angles will reportedly work with 50 MP sensors, which affects the Pro version, the base Magic5 may have a lower resolution unit.

Licenses issued by China's MIIT for Honor Magic5.
Licenses issued by China’s MIIT for Honor Magic5. (source: Notebook Check) [+]

In the case of the system chip that is the brain of the phone, there are not many surprises among the leaked information, the Magic5 product family can use the computing knowledge of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, while the Lite version has to make do with a Snapdragon 695 operating at an increased clock rate. There is no information about the presentation of the products yet, according to Chinese rumors you can plan for February 27 Honor will hold the presentation, which coincides with MWC, so a global premiere at the same time as the Chinese one seems a realistic possibility.

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