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The power of the family: what does that post-credits scene of ‘Fast & Furious X’ mean

The power of the family: what does that post-credits scene of 'Fast & Furious X' mean

There is a basic film to understand the paths that the plot takes in Fast & Furious X: the fifth installment. fast & furious 5 and specifically its climax, where Dom Toretto and Bryan O’Conner (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) were dragging a safe around Rio de Janeiro destroying everything in its path. Including his enemy Hernán Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), who apparently had a son named dante. This is interpreted by Jason Momoaand his revenge focuses the plot of Fast & Furious X.

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The last film in the saga to date, where louis leterrier replaces Justin Lin, puts Dom’s family on the ropes, based on Dante’s obsession with punishing the protagonists. He turns out to be such a formidable enemy that, contrary to custom, Fast & Furious X does not end with their defeat: instead we have a cliffhanger which refers us to a continuation (Fast & Furious X-2?) and possibly a third party, according to latest statements from Diesel.

[A partir de aquí spoilers de Fast & Furious X]

So the film ends with a fight between Dom and Dante that ends up getting ugly: his brother Jakob (John Cena) appears to be dead, and so is the team led by Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson). Once the plot briefly returns to Letty and Cypher (Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron), who run into an old acquaintance in Antarctica, break the final credits. And, as is customary in each blockbusters of our time, these have a very juicy scene at the end.

What happens in the post-credits scene of ‘Fast & Furious X’

Let’s emphasize Rio de Janeiro. Dante’s origin as a villain starts from there, and also fast & furious 5 it was the film where he debuted dwayne johnson like Luke Hobbs. This special agent, Toretto’s occasional ally, also contributed to the downfall of Reyes, and became a de facto member of the family. The problem? That behind the scenes he had many differences with Diesel, differences that led first to hobbs&shaw and then to his apparent departure from the franchise.

Johnson reappeared in the sixth, seventh and eighth installments (where he led the family during Dom’s apparent transformation into a villain): not so in fast & furious 9. The reason was his disagreements with the protagonist and producer of the saga, which seemed to have ended with the options that Hobbs was part of the main story. With this in mind, let’s go back to the credits of Fast & Furious X.

After the main titles, the plot takes us to a house robbed by an elite team. It is a peculiar and very mysterious house, with old decoration and a television that broadcasts an old program. In this context, the leader of this team receives a message from Dante, who recalls that Toretto was not alone in the incident in Rio de Janeiro: Luke Hobbs had helped him. And Dante also wants revenge on him.

Dwayne Johnson in the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga

Dante, who has put Toretto and his family in the stickiest predicament of his career, is also looking for Hobbs. That’s when the team leader removes his ski mask and it turns out to be… Hobbs himself. dwayne johnson. Which, before Dante’s message, is prepared to face him, and crushes the mobile phone with his bare hands, referring us to when this mastodon destroyed the cast on his arm to reach the climax of fast & furious 7.

Fade to black. Yes, Johnson is back in the franchise, and we’re all that much happier for it. With which it is almost certain that he will be part of Fast & Furious X-2 and, if there is a third part, perhaps this one too. A great day out for the family Fast.

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