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The possible design of the new Apple Watch Pro is filtered

This would be the design of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: 91Mobiles)

This Wednesday, September 7, the event will take place far out of Manzana, and although the main sale will be the new iPhone 14, most of the attention will also be on the Apple WatchPro after several weeks of speculation. And in the last few hours images have been released that supposedly show its final design.

The 91Mobiles website has posted several images of the Apple Watch Pro which is said to are based on CAD drawings, which allows you to see the device in all its glory.

If true, they suggest an aesthetic that matches speculation that has recently been made public. From a larger screen with flat edges to a more rugged look designed for the outdoors.

The new Apple Watch Pro would have a new button and a new case

However, the appearance of a new physical button is also striking. For the digital crown and the button on the right side, now located on a prominent bump, a key would be added on the left edge.

The function of the latter is currently unknown, although it may be related to simplifying its use when practicing a sport.

On the supposed new button of the Apple Watch Pro, there is also speaker holes of the clock As always, when it comes to rumors about new Apple products, take them lightly.

However, what the render shows goes hand in hand with another recent leak, when photos of a supposedly new box for the Smart watch, whose design matches the aesthetics of the device.

This would be the design of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: 91Mobiles)
This would be the design of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: 91Mobiles)

The design of the Apple Watch Pro can be seen days before its presentation

In addition to the images, the 91Mobiles leak confirms that the Apple Watch Pro will be larger than the Apple Watch Series 7. Although the possibility has been raised that it comes with a 47mm case, the aforementioned medium ensures that it will actually be 49mm.

Not much is known about the rest of the smartwatch’s features. Based on previous data, the case is supposed to be made of titanium and its construction is extremely high-end.

Also, a big difference from regular Apple Watch models is that the Pro variant will not be compatible with existing straps.

This would be the design of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: 91Mobiles)
This would be the design of the Apple Watch Pro. (photo: 91Mobiles)

As for the price, it is estimated that this variant will be the most expensive in the Apple Watch category, since it will be between USD$900 and USD$1000. However, until its specifications and conditions of sale are not officially confirmed by the people of Cupertino, again they are only assumptions.

The Apple Watch Pro will debut this Wednesday September 7 at Apple’s Far Out event at the Steve Jobs Theater in the Apple Park from Cupertino. There will also be known the new iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2.

The presentation will begin at 12:00 noon in Mexico and 2:00 p.m. in Argentina, and TechMarkup will cover the event minute by minute to report all the news instantly.

What’s new in watchOS 9

New features in the apps I trainamong them is the new way of measuring running training that will help prevent injuries and improve running technique, you will also have much more data just by moving the digital crown.

Also, there is news in the dream app, since you will be able to see the different phases that you go through every time you go to bed. All this information will also be available in the iPhone Health app.

watchOS 9. (photo: Apple)
watchOS 9. (photo: Apple)

The heart health It is also enhanced in watchOS 9, with more specific metrics on the state of the heart.

Finally, with watchOS 9 you can register the medicines that people have to take daily, with the possibility of receiving notifications to ingest them and thus not forget their treatment. You can also manage everything from the iPhone Health app.

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