The popularity of “The Secrets of Marilyn Monroe” proves that love for a star does not rust. These videos will show you why

“Marilyn Monroe Secrets: Unknown Recordings” now on Netflix. The document, through previously unpublished interviews with people who know the title star, tries to explain the mysteries surrounding her death. Why is this matter still electrifying public opinion? The sex bomb was a pop culture phenomenon. You will find out about it by watching films with both her participation and telling stories about her.


” Marilyn Monroe Secrets : Unknown Recordings” hit Netflix last Wednesday. Since then, it has been ranked high in the most popular films available on the website in our country. Why does the matter of the death of the title star still electrify the public opinion and why did Poles throw themselves into a documentary on this subject? The actress was a pop culture phenomenon, and the productions below will show you why.

Movies that will help you understand the phenomenon of Marilyn Monroe


There are many films about Marilyn Monroe on the VOD platforms available in Poland. “Straw widower” and “Half a joke, half seriously” will show you why the whole world fell in love with this sexbomb. Productions like “My Week with Marilyn” and ” Black Marilyn Eyes ” will prove that this love, although old, is not rusty at all.

Grass widower


Richard Sherman found himself in a position all men in the world envied him. His wife was away on vacation, and Marilyn Monroe was at his fingertips. The whole humor of “The Straw Widower” is that the main character tries not to succumb to temptation and to remain faithful to his long-term partner. Of course, it is not easy, especially when the blonde-haired neighbor is lifting her dress …

Half in a joke, half seriously

Jerry and Joe are just as close to Marilyn Monroe as Richard Sherman is. Unemployed musicians fleeing gangsters decided to dress up as women and join a women’s jazz band, which includes the heroine played by the aforementioned sex bomb. Of course, they fall in love with her. Who could blame them for playing the ukulele so beautifully?

Men prefer blondes


“Men prefer blondes,” and diamonds are women’s best friends. Yes, it was in this movie that Marilyn Monroe performed the famous song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. This scene went down in the history of cinema with its golden letters. Nothing unusual. To this day, it has not lost any of its charm.

The film is available on Apple TV .

Quarreling with life

This is a completely different movie than all the previous ones. Considering that Marilyn Monroe passed away a year after its premiere, “At odds with life” can be read as a kind of epitaph. Marilyn Monroe is still charming with her charm, but she seems tired already, as if she is heavy with all the glitter that surrounds her. The plot corresponds with its phenomenon, because she plays the role of a divorcee going out of town with two friends. Men, of course, fall in love with her and begin to compete for her.

The film is available on Apple TV .

My week with Marilyn

The real Marilyn Monroe is not here, but Michelle Williams is bravely replacing her. The actress manages to capture the character of the bomb with many psychological nuances. This is a story about a star’s assistant who spends an amazing week with her.

The movie is available on Netflix , Canal + , Player , Polsat Box Go and Mojeekino .

Marilyn’s black eyes

Marilyn Monroe is a pop culture phenomenon. She became a fantasy. Marilyn’s Black Eyes represent her that way. It is true that we will not see it on the screen, but it is mentioned many times. It is an impossible ideal. But do we need to reach it? This movie will make you laugh and give you food for thought.

The movie is available on Netflix .

Not only Marilyn Monroe Secrets: Unknown footage – these videos show the phenomenon of the star

“Marilyn Monroe Secrets: Unknown Recordings” conquers Netflix. Poles threw themselves at a documentary about the famous sex bomb. Nothing unusual. She is still alive in the minds of millions of fans, where she still functions as the embodiment of all fantasies. The above videos will show you why. If you haven’t fallen in love with this lovely blonde, after watching them you will surely come to it.


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