The police showed up at the ‘Saw X’ editor’s house thinking they were torturing someone

With Saw X Something unthinkable has happened in this extensive saga, and the reviews have been quite good. His approval rating in Rotten TomatoesIn fact, it escapes suspense and surpasses what the first film achieved in its day. Saw: that of James Wan, and the film most unanimously appreciated by the public. Beyond this bizarre twist, in Saw X everything is still in order. With his psychopathic traps, his challenges to credibility, and his reveling in the suffering of the victims of John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, who he again plays Tobin Bell.

Among these traps, one stands out so succulent that it has had to star in the film’s posters: one that consists of two tubes that can suck out the victim’s eyes if they do not allow themselves to fracture all of their fingers. In the film, naturally, this leads to a multitude of howls of pain, and at such a volume that the director, Kevin Greutert, has told a very funny anecdote related to this. The assembler of Saw X is Steve Fornand had to edit the film at home North Hollywood. According to Greuter in NMEwhen having to deal with the eye trap scene something happened.

And the screams were so loud that the neighbors became alarmed and called the police. They had heard “someone tortured to death”, so Forn had to receive the agents at his home. Forn clarified that he was working on a film, and invited them in to check it out. “The police started laughing! They said ‘it must have been an interpretation very realistic!’” explains Greutert, adding that Forn is a very calm guy who probably got the scare of his life when he saw the police show up at his house.

The eye sucker is, in short, one of the strong points of Saw X, as the residents of North Hollywood could see. And it may be that, after the scare he had, Forn proceeded to continue editing the film by putting on headphones.

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