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The Pokémon game that captures creatures while we sleep

The video game will measure the sleep of the players, who will get creatures depending on that performance. (Pokemon)

Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises in the world with a wide repertoire of products, to which is now added a mobile application that allows ‘capturing’ creatures through sleep.

This game had already been announced a couple of years ago, but nothing was known about its development until now, although at the moment it is only known that it will be released in mid-2023 for devices iOS and android.

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This is pokemon sleep

The player will find a simple premise when starting this experience. The app will take you to an unknown island and there you will meet a professor who will ask you to help him in his research. All through the dream.

The objective will be to record the hours of sleep and in this way get new pokémon according to the quality of rest that we have at night, which will be measured in deep, medium and light.

Its operation is very similar to other platforms of this style or smart watches, in which time and sleep cycles are analyzed.

The video game will measure the sleep of the players, who will get creatures depending on that performance.  (Pokemon)
The video game will measure the sleep of the players, who will get creatures depending on that performance. (Pokemon)

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The creatures that are obtained will have a sleeping posture, so the objective is to unlock all of them so that they can be added to the collection and sleep next to Snrolax, the pokémon that is known for always sleeping.

“Leave the mobile device near the pillow… and go to sleep! It must be used consistently and enjoy sleep ”, say the developers of the game.

In addition to this feature, users will find an alarm to set their daily schedules, a sleep history, and the option to have a Pikachu sing at bedtime.

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To use the platform, it will suffice to place the phone near the bed, although it was also presented Pokémon GO Plus+which is a device that will facilitate the interaction with the game, because with the press of a button the sleep analysis will begin and the data will be added remotely.

This device, which will go on sale in July this year, will also be integrated with Pokémon Go to prevent users from having their cell phones on all the time and looking at the screen.

The game will measure the quality of sleep and thus add new characters

More Pokemon news

During the presentation of this new game, the franchise took the opportunity to talk about a new series that is on the way in association with Netflix.

Pokémon Concierge will be the name of this production, which for now does not have a release date and will have an original story different from that of the games and anime.

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In this case, the plot will focus on a hotel where the creatures and trainers arrive to rest, so it will be a space to learn about other stories. “Follow Haru, a worker at the Pokémon hotel complex, and Psyduck as they meet Pokémon and Trainers on vacation,” they mention in the project synopsis.

The studio in charge of the series is Dwarf Studio and will use the stop motion technique to present a different format than fans of the saga have seen.

Finally, the DLC was confirmed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It will come out in two parts. The name of the new content is The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and it will take the player to new areas with more different creatures, 230 in total, including some legendary ones. For now there is no date for this paid content, but it will arrive at the end of 2023.

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