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The photos of the Apollo missions, as never seen before: this is how they were after being remastered

Apollo 11 mission. (photo: NASA)

Now that the vast majority of people are waiting for the next launch attempt of Artemis, the first trips of man to the Moon are inevitably remembered. Millions of people around the world watched on television how Neil Armstrong I took that first big step.

And those who could not see it live and direct, then managed to see many images later. The problem is that they don’t exactly have a great solution. It is not for nothing that neither the time nor the place were the most favorable for obtaining a high-resolution image.

However, one of the leading experts in digital restoration of the POT, Andy Saunders, worked hard for edit them little by little until obtaining the retouched photos that have been able to give a clearer idea of ​​what happened during the missions Apollo.

Charlie Duke himself, one of the astronauts who traveled to the Moon with Apollo 16, said that what he saw in the photos was actually what he remembers seeing through his eyes. Therefore, TechMarkup readers and anyone can go to the Earth’s satellite through the Saunders image.

Everything can be seen in his book Apollo Remastered, recently published by Penguin. However, you can start by enjoying these 5 images that TechMarkup will show below:

1. A truly mind-boggling difference

One of the photos from the book that Saunders made public was this one, in which he compares himself to Buzz Aldrinexcited about landing on the Moon in Apollo 11, before and after the remake.

Not only does it have infinitely better colors, but all the details look perfect.

(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)
(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)

2. On the Moon there was also a place to take a selfie

Nowadays, selfie has almost become daily life. But in the past they were also made, especially on special occasions. And there are few things more special than being one of the first humans to set foot on the Moon.

That’s why, Buzz Aldrin he took this photo in which you can also see a small portion of the open space around him reflected in the visor of his helmet.

(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)
(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)

3. Two cameras capture elements on the Moon

Russell Schweickart Y David Scott performed a series of pre-moon maneuvers aboard Apollo 9. Past missions have also produced some interesting photos like this one, in which Schweickart Scott can be seen reflected in his helmet.

Astronaut helmets have been found to be a good resource for making photos more interesting.

(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)
(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)

4. The souvenirs that stayed on the Moon

The Apollo missions went to the Moon with a large number of objects, from the debris of one of the Wright brothers’ planes to tree seeds, as well as a small flag and a commemorative plaque concept to distribute to the countries that have supported the NASA project.

Most of these objects have returned to Earth. However, some are still there. Some of them, like Charlie Duke’s family photocan also be seen in the Saunders remastered footage.

(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)
(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)

5. A memorable landscape of the Moon

Apollo 17 was the last to land on the Moon. During this mission, they captured a stunning image of the selenium landscape that the remaster perfectly brought out the details.

(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)
(photo: NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders)

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