The personal story of the fastest man in the world comes to HBO Max with “I am Bolt”

Do you know who Usain Bolt is? If you don’t know it yet, right now you will know it, including its great history. Bolt is a former Jamaican professional athlete, who currently has eleven world titles and eight Olympic titles as a sprinter. In addition, he holds the world records for the 100 and 200 meters and the 4 × 100 relay race with the Jamaican team. Usain Bolt He is a beloved icon around the world, redefining athletics, transcending sport and perfectly symbolizing his native country. His story worth being told and seen, which is why hbo max did not let her pass by bringing her documentary in May.


I am Bolt (I am Bolt in English) is a 2016 UK sports and biographical documentary film of 107 minutes in length, directed by the brothers Ben and Gabe Turner (The Class of 92), about the life and legacy of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican athlete specializing in speed tests, considered “the fastest man in history”. The feature film details Bolt’s career from his early days as an athlete to his worldwide success. It also contains conversations from other famous athletes such as Pelé, Neymar and Serena Williams.

"I am Bolt" premiered on November 28, 2016. (Universal BlueRay)
“I am Bolt” premiered on November 28, 2016. (Universal BlueRay)

His “lightning bolt” pose has become a symbol of inspiration, both for generations today and for those to come. Usain Bolt is known on the track, also his smile, his concentration and his victories; but now I am Bolt (I Am Bolt) shows us for the first time, the man behind the Olympic Triple Crown.


Usain has opened the doors of his life as an Olympic legend, friend, partner and son. With I am Bolt the world of the audiovisual industry gives you the opportunity to discover what it’s really like Usain Bolt and to share with him from exhausting training sessions with his coach and teammates, to the days of competition, with images recorded by himself.

Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner are the producers of "I Am Bolt." (Universal BlueRay)
Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner are the producers of “I Am Bolt.” (Universal BlueRay)

Like any human being and athlete in the world, along the way Bolt will overcome difficulties and experience challenges, which the cameras will witness first-hand thanks to almost total access to all facets of his life, including his intimate circle of family and friends. . His parents, his agent, his coach, his teammates and, of course, Bolt himself, participate in this film that lifts the mystery about the real Usain: “Revealing, raw, inspiring and joyful”.


In an interview, Bolt explained in a luxurious hotel in the British capital, more than 5 years ago the following:

“I wanted to tell the truth, that competing at this level and winning medals is not easy. People have the idea that, for me, it’s easy, that I don’t have stress or pressure. What I wanted was for people to see all that I had to go through to get to where I am now: the pain, the effort, and the rewards. Show everyone the way to victories.”

Presentation of the documentary "I am Bolt" in 2016. (IMDB)
Presentation of the documentary “I am Bolt” in 2016. (IMDB)

We say goodbye with one of the inspiring phrases of this ATHLETE among all athletes. “I want to thank the support of all my followers, but also all those who doubted me, they have encouraged me more.”

See it on HBO Max.

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