The OnePlus Pad won’t be a relabeled piece of junk after all

Apparently, the OnePlus Pad isn’t one after all another overpriced but weak android-based garbage tablet, which will probably be a Realme Pad or something with a new back“. Although, based on the increasingly common practice, it could not be ruled out that OnePlus would take an Oppo or Realme tablet and put its own logo and UI on it, the official previews and OnLeaks renders show a unique design and color variation.


The most characteristic feature of the 11.6-inch tablet is the accentuated camera located on the metal back, in the middle, on the longitudinal edge, which, on the one hand, fits the design language of OnePlus, and on the other hand, such a solution cannot be seen on any existing device of a brand partner. The OnePlus Pad harmonizes with the other members of the series, In Halo Green along with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-equipped OnePlus 11 and the first Buds 2 Pro to offer Android 13 Spatial Audio, it will be presented on February 7.

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