Home Android The OnePlus Nord N300 will debut soon

The OnePlus Nord N300 will debut soon

The OnePlus Nord N300 will debut soon

It will arrive in a month OnePlus Nord N300, the company announced. The numbered N-series is among the cheapest of the Nord phones, the N100 was sold domestically and a test was made, while the N200 was only sold in the markets of the USA and Canada. THE VergeSpenser Blank, the spokesperson for OnePlus, said that North America will definitely receive the $300 device next month, but he did not talk about other markets, so it can be concluded without any exaggeration that the company does not plan to sell it elsewhere.

Render image of the OnePlus Nord N300. (source: The Verge) [+]

Little is known about the technical specifications of the N300, the appearance of the mobile may resemble the N20. 33-watt wired fast charging will certainly be a given, and we also know that this will be the first OnePlus in the American market to be built around a 5G-capable MediaTek chip. It is currently unclear what exactly it is around. The display type is unknown, the refresh rate will be 90 Hz as promised. Starting from the N20, it is expected to be a phone equipped with an OLED panel. In the cheaper category overseas, OnePlus is currently performing better than before, so the company is trying to expand its portfolio.

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