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The Office: Parkour scene gets extended version! watch

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If you, like us, have already watched The Office several times, one thing is certain: you must remember the iconic Parkour scene. The sequence was the opening of the premiere episode of the 6th season of the NBC comedy series, called “Gossip”, and saw Michael (Steve Carell), Andy (Ed Helms) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) playing the sport you need. get from point A to point B in the most creative way possible.

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As expected, it’s clear that the bumbling trio of The Office did anything but Parkour. Instead, they destroyed objects in the office, disturbed the other employees and Andy even ended up hurting himself by jumping on an empty box. The scene, which is one of the most celebrated by fans of the series, has just won an extended and hilarious version.


The extended version of the scene shows that Andy, Michael and Dwight performed many other “amazing” moves throughout the opening, which lives on for free in the hearts and minds of fans. However, we couldn’t stop thinking about Jim’s (John Krasinski) phrase when witnessing the situation and explaining what Parkour is: “it’s getting from point A to point B with a lot of creativity, so, technically, they are doing Parkour, contact that point A is an illusion and point B is the hospital”.

The Office: striking openings

The Parkour scene is just one of the opening episodes of The Office that have stuck in fans’ memories. Who doesn’t remember, for example, the classic scene in which Kevin presents his famous chilli and, in the end, knocks it all over the office floor? Or when employees get anxious waiting for the DVD logo to hit the exact corner of the screen?

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We also can’t forget, of course, the scene where Dwight “sets the office on fire” in order to train Dunder Mifflin employees for potential fires. The result is one of the most chaotic and fun sequences in the history of The Office.

And, for you, what is the best opening of The Office?

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