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The number of Netflix’s disbandment increases: 2.5 million fewer subscribers in Spain during 2023

The number of Netflix's disbandment increases: 2.5 million fewer subscribers in Spain during 2023

The limitation of shared accounts that Netflix announced in February and began to apply effectively in Spain last March could have had even worse repercussions than indicated by the study by the consultant Kantar that hit the media yesterday.

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Another report, this time from Barlovento Comunicación, places in 2.5 million fewer subscribers platform losses during the last four-month period in our country. The data of the TV-OTT barometer. 1st Wave 2023 They attribute this leak to the implementation of the new monthly fee of €5.99 to share the subscription.

It should be noted that the Kantar report was referring to users when talking about more than a million lost during the last quarter. Taking into account that this figure could be understood as people who shared an account and had stopped doing so after the company’s new policy, the Barlovento figure is much more worrying for Netflix: it would be 2.5 million canceled accounts.

Netflix is ​​still in the lead

Despite this considerable decrease in the number of households willing to pay the Netflix fee, the streaming giant continues to lead the sector in Spain. According to data from this same report, the 30.3 million Spaniards who access payment platforms (81.2% of the population) distribute their share of consumption between Netflix (27%), Prime Video (17.9%) and Movistar Plus+ (12.3%).

He Netflix’s leadership is reflected in its 52.6% reach in the Spanish population, at the top of the OTT ranking (providers of audiovisual content over the Internet). Without going any further, the study affirms that the series most watched by the Spanish during the first four-month period of 2023 it has been his own production: snow girl, the adaptation of the novel by Javier Castillo starring Milena Smith and Jose Coronado, with 4.9 million unique viewers.

Prime Video, Amazon’s platform closes the gap with Netflix while establishing itself as the second option with a 49.3% reach in the same OTT ranking. Disney+ has obtained its best data in Spain so far with a reach of 28% and the arrival of SkyShowtime to the fight for the streaming cake in our country has achieved 1.8 million users in its first month of activity.

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