The new Zoom update comes with more emojis and screen annotation features


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The popular Zoom video conferencing platform has been updated. Now users can make two new changes to the application. The new Zoom update includes more emoji reactions and new annotations on the screen.
“Providing customers with the features they required is at the core of our mission to achieve happiness. In the latest round of updates of Zoom, we provided exciting functionalities to help you express yourself more effectively, collaborate, and manage your communication,” Company said. in a blog post.

How to use emojis in Zoom meeting

The new version of Zoom has brought the typical emoji reactions of messaging services to virtual meetings. Now, users will be able to use more than six emojis to interact and express themselves during a video conference. They could even choose skin tones for some of them.
The use of this feature will depend on the type of account you have. “If the meeting reply feature is enabled, the meeting owner and administrator can allow participants of the meeting to use the full set of emojis or stick to the six standard emojis”.

New features of Zoom update

You will be able to highlight the text and other objects in features of screen annotation. With the new Zoom update, if have been made a comment in a meeting, as they will be automatically deleted in a few seconds. So no need to delete the comments manually. Vanishing Pen is included in zoom to auto-delete comments.

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The new version of Zoom with a vanishing pen will be able to direct the attention of the attendee without having to constantly undo or delete their comments. This feature is also available in the” Video Zoom “webinar. Specifically, it is the Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video webinars. Windows, macOS, and Linux.
There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled Zoom’s growth and the changes it has made to the platform in recent months.
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