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The New Ways to Make Money on Instagram and Facebook Every Creator Needs to Know

Content creators on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, now have more monetization opportunities. Meta, the company behind these two platforms, has recently rolled out several updates to strengthen these opportunities. This development concerns various aspects ranging from Reels to gifts to subscriptions.

Innovation with Reels

Content experimentation is a key factor in attracting an audience. With this in mind, Meta has introduced tools for creators to evaluate and improve their Reels posts. These tools include Facebook’s A/B testing feature which allows creators to experiment with up to four different captions or thumbnails for a single Reel. The results of these tests can be viewed in the professional dashboard, and the most successful variation is automatically displayed on the creator’s profile or page. In addition to this, Meta is also exploring the use of generative artificial intelligence to generate different text and thumbnail options. This technology could provide even more options and opportunities for creators.

Achievement Center Improvements

The Professional Dashboard Achievements Center brings together all the information related to achievements in Education, Stars, Reels and Progress. A new achievement called “Reel Redemptions” was recently added. It is obtained by the weekly publication of Reels. New metrics have also been integrated into the professional dashboard. They offer details on: – Posting habits – Audience – Content performance As for Reel-specific metrics, they now break down into followers and non-followers, with a distribution score indicating the performance of the Reel compared to to other videos, and an audience retention graph.

The subscribe button on Instagram

According to Meta, subscriptions for creators on Instagram are already over a million. These subscriptions represent a way for creators to generate revenue by providing exclusive content and experiences to their subscribers. For this reason, this feature has recently been expanded to 35 new countries.Some creators now have access to new promotional tools such as the “Subscribe” button in their News Feed and the ability to welcome new subscribers via direct messages and Stories.

Gifts for creators

Finally, another major update is the expansion of Instagram Gifting to several countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia and many more. This function allows followers to purchase Stars and send virtual gifts directly to creators who have a professional account, are of legal age and respect monetization policies. On Facebook, the platform will offer virtual gifts with specific themes for a period until the end of the year. In short, these updates are part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to satisfy creators who monetize their content by offering them new tools and features to thrive on Instagram and/or Facebook .

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