The new Turkish film that aims to take Amazon Prime Video by storm: this is ‘Hidden Passion’

On June 24, 2010, Ankara’s parliament closed early and its 600 members went home. The reason was not a major political crisis, the collapse of the lira that, simply, they had run out of issues to discuss, but a series, Forbidden love, which premiered its last episode. It is estimated that the screen share of this episode exceeded 73%. Of course, Turkey exported it abroad and, in 2019, it arrived in Spain thanks to Atresmedia.

Bither’s love story was a success in many countries and even led to an adaptation in the United States, starring the Venezuelan Monica Spearwhich was murdered just a year later of the premiere of this series. In our country, the popularity of Forbidden love was not so outstanding, which, perhaps, seems somewhat less understandable than Amazon Prime Video has decided to produce hidden passiona film that reinterprets what was the most pioneering Ottoman soap opera.

When will ‘Hidden Passion’ be available?

Its original title is bither, since it shares a protagonist with Forbidden loveand arrives in Spain November 16 it can see in Amazon Prime Video.

Who stars in ‘Hidden Passion’?

Although this title rewrites the love story of Bither and Behlül, the actors who give life to both characters are not the same as those who acted in Forbidden lovebut Farah Zeynep Abdullah (from the also Turkish Innocent) and Boran Kuzum, whose filmography has not yet landed in Spain, so this will be his first major international project. The film, moreover, based on a novel by Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil written in 1899, in which Bither, while trying to get as far away from his mother as possible, finds himself making the same mistakes that she had made.

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