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The new Samsung UWB chip promises centimeter accuracy

The new Samsung UWB chip promises centimeter accuracy

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South Korea’s Samsung has announced a new brand, this is it Exynos Connect, which brings the chips using short-range wireless communication solutions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UWB) developed by the company under one umbrella. At the same time, Samsung also announced the brand’s first product, the Exynos Connect U100 chip, which is a UWB chip for precise distance and location information (promising accuracy of one-digit centimeters and less than five degrees). The U100 uses time-of-arrival (ToA) and three-dimensional angle-of-arrival (AoA) measurements, so it is able to achieve the aforementioned accuracy, and thus can be reliably used for navigation or tracking in places where there is no other network or GPS coverage.

Differences in spectral density for NarrowBand and UWB (source: FiRa – What does UWB do?) [+]

Samsung sees the future of the U100 in mobile phones, IoT accessories and cars, as the chip integrates RF, baseband, eFlash memory and power management IPs, making it ideally compact. Energy-saving mode is provided for long battery operation, for reliable communication the U100 coded timestamp sequence (scrambled timestamp sequenceSTS) and is also equipped with a hardware encryption to protect against external attacks.

(source: Samsung) [+]

The Exynos Connect U100 received the recognition of the FiRa consortium because it fulfills the criteria of interoperability with UWB standards, and it also has the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key Release 3.0 standard, that is, the U100 chip is suitable for storing the digital keys of vehicles. authentication and replacement, so mobiles equipped with it can be used as digital car keys. So far, Samsung has not disclosed information about when and in what brand of smartphone, accessory or car the chip will be released, the company itself is expected to present a new high-end Galaxy phone at the end of summer at the earliest.

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