The new PlayStation Plus system would allow gamers to access free trials

Sony has already started testing PlayStation Plus subscriptions in various countries. Basically, they have divided the system into three payments so that gamers can choose the content they want to try on their console.

On the one hand, the cheapest version gives you access to everything that you already had in the previous subscription: game offers, monthly free games and access to online services.

The other two packages will give you access to a bundle of hundreds of first-party and third-party video games. In addition, it has been reported that they are preparing a new tool before purchasing a game.

The middle Game Developer reports that Sony will force developers to add free trials for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. They will be a two-hour gameplay before purchase.

Of course, certain conditions have been set: that the title has a cost greater than 34 dollars and that it is not a virtual reality experience. Basically all triple A titles would fall under this system.

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