The new movie by Luis Tosar and Blanca Suárez that you can see for free for a good cause

Until a few years ago, the only way to see a first-run movie was in theaters. That changed with the arrival of streaming, that revolutionized the audiovisual industry forever (and continues to do so). Now a film arrives in Spain that cannot be seen in either way, but is available for free: Full stop It is one of the most peculiar and at the same time most special projects that have occurred in recent times, and it is also intended for a good cause.

Another peculiarity of this film starring Luis Tosar (Cell 2112009), which has also just released All the names of God, and Blanca Suarez (The intership), is that it does not have behind it to no producer. Movies are usually produced by platforms such as Netflix or companies dedicated to audiovisual production, but Full stop is in charge of the Unoentrecienmil Foundation, which has a very clear objective: fight childhood leukemia.

Synopsis of ‘Full stop’

Even in its argument this project is unique, and it is that Full stop It only has one scene: the final one. Blanca Suárez plays a mother in the year 2035 who has his daughter Martina, 11 years old, admitted to hospital for leukemia. Suddenly she receives the call from Dr. Medina (Cough) a medical researcher who discovers the definitive cure for this disease. They are both excited to know that they will be able to save thousands of lives, including that of the little girl.

Release date and where to see ‘Punto y final’

Full stop It can be seen for free at www.puntoyfinal.org, since it is the website created specifically to do so. In addition, not only can you see the tape, but you can also you can participate in the project and even appear on the screen. The movie is available from the past September 14.

“In 2035, the definitive cure for childhood leukemia was discovered, thanks to people like you who made this ending possible”, appears on the screen just before the credit titles. And the third peculiarity of Full stop is that anyone can be part of it. As? Accessing the website and signing the petition to continue researching this disease.

But not only is the cause supported, but by helping to give visibility to the film, anyone can appear in the credits. After completing all the data, a personalized link will be given in which the first name of the titles It will automatically be that of the person who has collaborated. Thus, you can be a participant in a project that the foundation itself has named “The longest credits in the world”.

Cast of ‘Punto y final’

Only three people appear on screen: Luis Tosar, as Dr. Medina, Blanca Suárez, as Martina’s mother, and the girl herself, who is played by Garazi Cob, a little girl who actually suffers from leukemia. It should be noted that no one has been paid for this project, but they have participated in a solidarity manner. It is directed by Santiago Zannou (The one-armed trick2008, and Scorpion in love2013) and marks the first time the two actors have worked together.

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