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The new Mario Kart 9, when is it for?

new Mario Kart 9

Last night, Nintendo offered its fans a new appointment, with a Nintendo Direct of about forty minutes, which focused on the various games coming soon to Nintendo Switch. On the program, no Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, no Metroid Prim 4 either, but the confirmation of a new Mario Strikers, a new Wii Sports, and a new Mario Kart. Oh no.

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Nearly 50 new circuits for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Indeed, if some believed that Nintendo would eventually announce a new Mario Kart, the reality is very different. The Japanese giant formalized last night, not a new Mario Kart, but rather a wave of DLC to come for the current Mario Kart 8. 48 new tracks, straight from the past, not forgetting the Mario Kart Tour mobile opus .


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In total, these different circuits (which are modernized versions of tracks present in the old Mario Karts) will be offered in six waves (the last being scheduled for the end of 2023), with 8 circuits per wave. The first will hit our Switches on March 18, and will allow players to enjoy two new cups and eight circuits, namely Promenade à Paris, Circuit Toad, Montagne Choco, Supermarché Coco, Traversée de Tokyo, Corniche Champignon, Jardin Volan and Dojo Ninja.

Note that subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack service will be able to take advantage of these new circuits “for free”, as long as their subscription is valid. Remember that this additional pack also allows you to enjoy the Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 games, as well as the DLC dedicated to Animal Crossing.

Mario Kart 9 not before… 2024?

A DLC which will obviously be paid for, since Nintendo is asking for no less than €24.99 to afford the precious Pass which will allow you to download, in the long term, all of the 48 new tracks.

For Nintendo, it is obviously a question of making even more profitable its very popular Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which displays 43 million sales in the world. Remember that the Nintendo Switch has sold 103 million copies, and could soon become the best-selling home console of all time.

Concretely, this means that Mario Kart 9 will obviously not be available before the beginning of the year 2024. It is indeed very difficult to imagine Nintendo offering a new Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch, even though the eighth opus has not yet finished. its life cycle.


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But the question is: do we really need a “ new ” Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch after all?

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