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The new HBO Max random button that would come with new functions

In addition to the recent official announcement about the merger between HBO Max and Discovery +Warner’s platform has just added a shuffle button to help the undecided to see something.

The button will be similar to Netflix (Play Something), Hulu and Amazon, which immediately play a random movie or series based on user taste algorithms. Although it will be similar, HBO Max promises not to be and ensures that this new feature is one of the most requested.

Shuffle function is available for 45 series in hbo maxwhich means users have 45 options for nonsensical streaming the next time they’re having trouble finding something to watch.

The list of programs that were selected for the random button are:

– A World of Calm

– Adventure Time

– Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

– Apple & Onions

– Chappelle Show

– Courage the Cowardly Dog

-Craig of the Creek

– Curb Your Enthusiasm

– Ed, Ed and Eddy


– Flight of the Conchords

– The Prince of Rap (Fresh Prince)

– Friends (Friends)

-Full House

-Great Pottery Throwdown

-Hot Ones

– How It Really Happened

– Impractical Jokers

– Key and Peele

-Looney Tunes

– Martin

– Mike & Molly

– Regular show

– Reindeer 911!

-Rick & Morty

– Robot Chicken (Robot Chicken)

– Scooby-Do, Where Are You!

– Selena + Chef

– Sesame Street (Sesame Street)

– South Park

– Teen Titans Go!

– The amazing world of Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball)

-The Big Bang Theory

– The Boondocks

-The Mentalist

-The Middle

– The Nanny

-The Office

– The Shot: Uninterrupted

– Tom and Jerry

– Total Dramarama

-Two and a Half Men

– We Bare Bears (We Bare Bears)

– Whose Line is it Anyway

-Young Sheldon

Unlike Netflix or other platforms that can start playing a series or movie, HBO Max opted for series in which continuity does not matter much of the story and that, as the button points out, can be seen randomly and can still be enjoyed for its comedy and simplicity.

In this way, it is not governed so much by the algorithms of tastes, which in some cases cannot hit it, but in random episodes of short-lived, dynamic, hit series that can be enjoyed at any time.

In addition to the merger with Discovery +, HBO Max has been expanding its catalog through the broadcast of live sportsbecause they want the platform to offer all kinds of entertainment.

Regarding the union of both brands, there is still no date for the additions, but they are expected to occur throughout 2022 and a maximum of 2023.

It is also not known if the cost of the subscription will increase when the merger with more content occurs, although it most likely will.

HBO ended the year 2021 with 73.8 million subscribers to its streaming service and its homonymous cable network, compared to 69.4 million in September. This advance, along with the addition of almost 900,000 monthly paying telephone subscribers.



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