The new from Richard Linklater: a film about how ‘At the End of the Break’ was made and the New Wave began

The race of Richard Linklater It is in top shape. She has never stopped being so, in fact, since she consecrated herself with Move of ’76 thirty years ago to establish himself as an essential figure in American independent cinema. Since then he has triumphed with the trilogy Before… or with Boyhoodand more recently he has joined the autofiction trend with Apollo 10 ½ shortly before opening hit man in it Venice Festival with unanimous praise. In this black comedy, Glenn Powell He plays a hitman.

hit man has already been acquired by Netflix for an upcoming release in streaming still undated, and while the Texan director has begun to prepare his next work. He recently said in an interview that he wanted to shoot a feature film entirely in French, and that he wanted it to be “like a movie New Wave. According to an exclusive that includes World of Reel, these statements had to be taken as literally as possible. Because Linklater’s objective is specifically to recreate this artistic movement that is so central to the history of cinema, investigating its beginning and those who promoted it.

The New Wave began at the end of the 1950s, and the outbreak is usually coded around the premiere of At the end of the getaway in 1959. Precisely this film and its filming will be the center of what Linklater is preparing, still untitled. Director of School of Rock wants to start production in March 2024, moving to Paris and maintaining French as a language. We do not know, on the other hand, if this will also be the ancestry of the actors he is currently looking for, because of course all the protagonists are going to be French. And all of them have their names in gold letters in the film buff baggage.

How Linklater wants to return to filming At the end of the getawayyou will naturally need an actor to play Jean-Luc Godard (died last year). Apparently, in the script he has written, figures such as Jean Cocteau, Robert Bresson, Jean-Pierre Melville, Jacques Rivette and Roberto Rossellini. It is a film of boundless ambition, although Linklater is not one to shy away from challenges. In the end he rolled Boyhood over 12 years, and the musical he is currently embarking on (Merrily We Roll Alongbased on Stephen Sondheim) is going to be produced for two decades.

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