The new film that has reunited Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde after the success of ‘8 Basque surnames’

The new film that has reunited Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde after the success of '8 Basque surnames'

Eight Basque surnames (2014) became the highest-grossing national film in the history of Spain, with more than 56 million euros raised, and second of all time, only behind Avatar (2009). The four characters from that film are still remembered today, and Dani Rovira, Clara Lago, Karra Elejalde and Carmen Machi They continue to be in the memory of all viewers.

These last two They have met nine years after the film was released in a new film, but of a completely different cut from the comedy directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, which will soon be released reboot of biology. The voice of the sun is a drama set in the 60s that promises to be one of the great productions of Spanish cinema this 2023, and arrives in theaters in a few days.

Synopsis of ‘The Voice of the Sun’

Maruja and Manolo They have lived for three decades in Paris after being exiled by the Spanish Civil War, and work for the Jolis family, that of the American ambassador in the French capital. But in 1965, Maruja receives news that will make her confront his past, for which he embarks on a a journey to its origins with her husband and with Alan, the diplomat’s son. On the journey she will have to make sure that the teenager becomes a good man, while he and Manolo learn to enjoy the now while They focus on the future.

Carol Polakoff with Karra Elejalde, Carmen Machi on the filming of ‘The Voice of the Sun’
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The tape is debut by the American Carol Polakoff, that adapts the novel Speak Sunlight of his great friend Alan Jolis, protagonist of the work and the film. The voice of the sun It was filmed in several Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Pamplona, ​​Estella and Gallipienzo during the months of May and June of last year.

Cast of ‘The Voice of the Sun’

In addition to Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde, The film also stars the young actor Matteo Artuñedo, 15 years old, in the role of Alan. They will also have a relevant role in the film Ahikar Azcona (Matías in The Money Heist) and Alicia Wolf (Love is forever). This supposes the fourth movie in which Machi and Elejalde agree, after Eight Basque surnames (2014), its sequel Eight Catalan surnames (2015) and Course (2016).

Trailer and where to watch ‘The Voice of the Sun’

The voice of the sun hits movie theaters in just a few days, Next Friday, September 22, while the trailer for the feature film was published a month ago.

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