The new design of the iPhone 14 Pro already confirmed?

While the iPhone 13s were released just a few months ago, rumors are swirling about the Cupertino company’s next product line, specifically with regard to iPhones. Indeed, apple phones have always had a special place in the market, and each iPhone has been scrutinized, even before its official release scheduled for September.


Thus many experts and other analysts are trying to find in the supply chain, or in the patents published by Apple clues regarding the products of the future on the Apple side. It is therefore in this dynamic that Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the best known and most reputable analysts of the brand, announced a few weeks ago that the next iPhone 14 Pro was going to have a very different look from its predecessors.

iPhone 14 Pro: no notch, but still punches

Indeed, according to the analyst who works for TF Securities, the next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max should not be entitled to the famous notch which occupies the top of the screen of Apple phones since the arrival of Face ID with the iPhone X in 2017.


Much criticized in the past, Apple has worked for years to remove this unsightly element in the eyes of some. With the iPhone 13 already, the Cupertino company had made some efforts to reduce the size of the notch, but according to many analysts, the apple will move up a gear in September, and offer an iPhone without the slightest notch .

If Apple’s product should always have the right to a pierced screen, The Electric, which seems very well informed, reports today that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max could be entitled to Face ID under the screen. But before we see such technology arrive, we will still have to wait until 2023. As far as the iPhone 14 is concerned, the Pro and Pro Max models will probably have improved and miniaturized versions of Face ID that fit in a very small space at the top at the top. center of the screen, where the notch is now.

A “pill” while waiting for better?


This brand new system has been baptized “pill” by the brand’s experts because of its elongated shape. A design that seems to be confirmed from rumor to rumor and which could therefore be officially announced in September by Apple. Today the experts are unanimous with regard to the Pro and Pro Max models, the phones of the apple will have the right to this unique front face with a screen pierced twice.

A first “punch” should be used for the camera, while the second, more elongated therefore, will be dedicated to Face ID and the system for unlocking the phone thanks to facial recognition. This provision could be a simple intermediate solution until Samsung provides screens capable of operating Face ID, even when the latter is positioned below.

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