Home Entertainment The Netflix series and movies for May 2023 that you cannot miss

The Netflix series and movies for May 2023 that you cannot miss

The Netflix series and movies for May 2023 that you cannot miss

At a time of maximum delicacy for the red giant of streaming in Spain, with figures of millions of users lost in our country, the company continues to bet on the most attractive content to attract the attention of subscribers again.

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Thus, Netflix this month has new series starring faces as recognizable as those of Jennifer López, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Toni Collette, Aron Piper or Ángela Molinawhile continuing to exploit phenomena such as The Bridgertons and ultramanand seeks controversy with viral productions before its premiere such as Queen Cleopatra.


Among the notable series premieres in May 2023 we find productions such as the spin-off of The Bridgertonswhich receives the name of Queen Charlotte: A Story of The Bridgertons. A series created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, scandal) and starring India Ria Amarteifio, Golda Rosheuvel and Michelle Fairley.

Homeland fiction is added to this new series The silence, which has a young and promising cast made up of Arón Piper, Almudena Amor, Manu Ríos, Aitor Luna and Aria Bedmar. A psychological thriller that follows the story of Sergio Ciscar (Piper), who is released six years after murdering his parents.

This month the second season of the docuseries also lands on streaming queens of africa, which on this occasion has caused a controversy by choosing a black actress to tell the story of Cleopatra. Also, the third season of ultramanthe new animated series mulligan or the espionage thriller starring Schwarzenegger, fubarbecome other of the great assets of these weeks.

  • ‘The house of love’ (May 2)
  • ‘The tailor’ (May 2)
  • ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ (May 3)
  • ‘The sumo apprentice’ (May 4)
  • ‘Queen Charlotte: A Story of The Bridgertons’ (May 4)
  • ‘Queen Cleopatra’ (May 10)
  • ‘Dance Brothers’ (May 10)
  • ‘Disappearances: dead or alive?’ (May 10)
  • ‘Ultraman’ 3T (May 12)
  • ‘The Black Knight’ (May 12)
  • ‘Mulligan’ (May 12)
  • ‘Queer Eye’ 7T (May 12)
  • ‘Doctor Cha’ (May 17)
  • ‘Rhythm + Flow: France’ Q2 (May 17)
  • ‘Work: What we do all day’ (May 17)
  • ‘Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune’ (May 18)
  • ‘Kisses, Kitty’ (May 18)
  • ‘Sunset. The golden mile’ 6T (May 19)
  • ‘The silence’ (May 19)
  • ‘Merpeople’ (May 23)
  • ‘Family business. Luxury homes’ Q3 (May 24)
  • ‘Fubar’ (May 25)


In the cinematographic section, Toni Collette and Damian Lewis star in the drama Dream Horsewhile Jennifer Lopez and Joseph Fiennes debut the action thriller Mother. The controversial Eduardo Casanova also premieres a new film, pietystarring Ángela Molina and Manel Llunel.

In addition, Netflix continues to investigate the ill-fated personalities with the documentary on the life of Anna Nicole Smiththe model, actress, and Playboy girl who tragically passed away at age 39.

  • ‘Dream Horse’ (May 1)
  • ‘Royalteen: Princess Margrethe’ (May 11)
  • ‘The mother’ (May 12)
  • ‘Why didn’t I tell you a million times?’ (May 12)
  • ‘Piety’ (May 13)
  • ‘Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me’ (May 16)
  • ‘Always faithful’ (May 17)
  • ‘Kathal: The mystery of the jackfruit’ (May 19)
  • ‘Dad to the rescue’ (May 19)
  • ‘Victim/Suspect’ (May 23)
  • ‘Many more ants between the legs’ (May 24)
  • ‘Echoes of an era’ (May 24)
  • ‘Blood and gold’ (May 26)

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