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The movie ‘Super Mario Bros.’ It has been completely leaked on Twitter

 The movie 'Super Mario Bros.'  It has been completely leaked on Twitter

The biggest success so far this year is Super Mario Bros. The Movie. It was foreseeable that an association between Nintendo and illumination (home of the minions) would put an end to the curse of video game adaptations, and the box office has responded in spades while critics were more suspicious. Super Mario Bros.Thus, it overcomes the barrier of 1 billion dollars, and it does not seem that there will be anything to mitigate this triumph. Not even a full leak.

This April 30th an account of Twitter, @vidsthatgoharduploaded to his profile the completeness of the footage of Super Mario Bros. It benefited from the ability for subscriptions to Twitter Blue post one-hour videos, as well as the general malfunction that the platform is going through at the hands of Elon Musk. Once the film appeared on Twitter, divided into two parts, it was seen by multiple users. During 7 hours no copyright claimed or account deactivated.

Right now the profile has been suspended, but it hasn’t until the movie has racked up 9.6 million of visualizations, being saved by 40,000 accounts and retweeted until 19,000 times. The success of Super Mario Bros. has dragged on through piracy with no box office showing any signs of faltering right now, and when it still doesn’t have an official release in VOD (this is expected to occur in June).

Beyond the fact that Musk’s management can be held responsible for this leak and the long impunity with which it has been carried out, it is not the only attempt to offer Super Mario Bros. illegally that has occurred in recent days. In Argentina the television channel GenTV broadcast the Illumination film with a pirated copy, this being the same platform that recently offered its viewers the option of watching a marathon of Marvel Studios with a film that has not yet officially jumped into the streaming, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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