The movie “365 Days: This Day” is like a guy who hits you in the club and asks: hey baby, what are you drinking?

“365 Days: This Day” is a film that cannot be left dry. Some viewers will probably smile, because it may also mean more naked torsos (who would like to walk in wet clothes, even in Sicily?) Or at least some competition for the master of a wet shirt. Not so fast. Even if we were to increase the number of naked and muscular bodies in Netflix’s novelties, these would not obscure the fact that “365 days: This day” brazenly mocks the viewer. Is it still stupidity or already cynicism?


I am convinced that “365 Days: This Day” will become a Netflix hit. The previous part of the trilogy, based on Blanka Lipińska’s books, “365 days”, again made it to the site’s most popular films list. Viewers probably want to refresh their memories, because two years have passed since its premiere. I will remind it quickly, because there is no need to refresh and it is a waste of your time.

In short: the film tells the story of a young, attractive woman who is kidnapped by a muscular and handsome guy, because she is. Then she falls in love with him, he has one expression on his face whether he gets angry or they have sex. Ah, I’d forget: with all of this, the film promotes a culture of rape and makes fun of the Stockholm Syndrome because violence doesn’t exist if people are pretty enough .”365 Days: This Day” adds a bit of news to this story, and here it is time for a handful of positive information: it is so bad, it’s good. I know you’ve been waiting for this.

365 Days: This Day – Netflix Original review


To make it clear what we’re dealing with: the cliffhanger from the finale of “365 days”, which was supposed to sow a seed of uncertainty as to whether Laura is alive or not, explains in “365 days: This day” immediately, and then in a few more moments during the coarse conversation between the main character and her friend. Why play with any narrative building when you can simply, following the soap opera, announce that you are someone’s grandmother’s cousin, who returned to his native village after 30 years. Simple? Simple. This procedure, resulting from the inability to lead the plot, will be used many times more.

The problem with saying and writing about “365 days: This day” is that the production is so bad you don’t know where to start.


However, I will try to organize my impressions after the screening, since I have already wasted almost two hours of my life. It is unheard of, by the way, that a film whose plot could be summarized in three sentences and which is built like a music video for some exceptionally howling piece lasts almost 120 minutes. Do you know what you can do for 120 minutes? For example, don’t watch “365 days” on Netflix. I would recommend this lifestyle to you, but unfortunately I have already watched it.

What hits in the first few minutes from the start of “365 days: This day” is the number of sex scenes and intimate moments between Laura and her newly wed husband, Massimo. I even wanted to count them, but after the fifth time I got tired of looking at them. It’s safe to say that if you add a couple of penises and vaginas here and there, you would have full-fledged porn on Netflix. For now, “365 Days: This Day” is such soft porn stretched to the limit. Laura and Massimo on the table, Massimo and Laura on the golf course, Laura and Massimo in the room drawn from “Fifty Shades of Gray” and so on and so on. But the chemistry between them, that is Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, I see more in the pictures from Pudelek than in this film.

“365 Days: This Day” looks like it’s made of making offs .


There is almost no plot in “365 days 2”. The plot is written with a stick on the water, but more about that in a moment. Pure action, such as you know that something is happening, the characters are faced with dilemmas, or that we are waiting in suspense for the development of events, it is actually not here or it could be closed in some 45 minutes, just in time for an episode of the series, which would only have one episode. If anything is moving forward, it is Massimo na Laura. And this, of course, could gain a loyal following of fans, but a pretext storyline to show off buttocks, breasts and bare male chests has been available on Pornhub for many years. There you will see even much more for free.

The remaining hour is like making offsor “such a beautiful and long advertisement for Apart”. Laura and Massimo at the beach, Laura, Massimo and the others celebrate Christmas, Laura and her friend choose clothes for the party. We just get different shots that artificially prolong this two-hour ordeal. You might think that the editor had mistaken the files, but probably not, but probably it was supposed to be so, after all, at least several dozen people worked on this film (as many as three scriptwriters!), Then someone would know, right?

“365 dni 2” makes viewers idiots.

There is no sense in looking for a cause-and-effect sequence in “365 Days: This Day”. Example: Laura runs out of a party she was at with Massimo. I feel betrayed. Suddenly, Nacho, a new super-male hero, arrives at the property, out of coo and utter care. She loads into the car with him. It’s night. When we see them again, it’s already morning and they’re still in the car. Maybe he made her a tour of Sicily? We don’t know. How did he get there? Why, in light of the previous kidnapping, had that girl got into the car with him? So many unanswered questions. I would add that she only saw him once when he introduced himself to her as a gardener, and their conversation came down to uttering random words, purring and sexy looks, so we would surely understand that you know, it will happen in different configurations.

Not only the plot in “365 Days: This Day” is like Laura on Massimo. The heroes were probably modeled by Gepetto.

I haven’t seen such a wooden acting for a long time. One is that the entire movie is in English, and many actors have a foreign accent. This is a drawback, but I will not pick on you anymore, because you can see that it deprives them of some freedom, but let it be, you can bear it. Unfortunately, apart from words, there are also facial expressions and gestures. And these lie and squeal as you know who, under you know who. The actors have one expression, they are always angry, gruff and serious. Forget those chatty Italians pouring you wine and talking about how you like it in Italy. In “365 Days” a guy with a sense of humor is not a guy. He has to be masculine, tough, and masculine. She needs to know that her place is in the kitchen, and if she leaves, she should load it under the table, because he just wants an ice cream dessert after lunch.

As if that were not enough, the characters make stupid decisions. Three quotes from Laura: “Sometimes I act irrational”, “I was so naive”, “I learn from my mistakes”. I will comment: yes, yes and no. No, no one here learns from mistakes, neither actors and actresses, nor Barbara Białowąs with the rest of the film crew. Where is this film about the film within the film, I am asking?

“365 days: This day” offends, angers and embarrasses me.

If that was the purpose, I congratulate you. It was achieved in 100 percent and I give 10/10 for it. I have no idea if the creators of “365 Days: This Day” were motivated by stupidity or cynicism, because the viewers will watch it anyway, if only for a burst. After all, cutting off coupons from controversy can definitely be commercialized. The new “365 days” of Netflix is ​​like the guy who hits you at the club and says, “Hey baby, what are you drinking?” instead of saying, “Hey, I’ve been looking at you for 15 minutes and wondering if you’re gonna have a drink with me?” He doesn’t notice the viewer, he brings him down to the meat level. He does not try to play with him, he believes that he won at the start, because he is an adaptation of a “bold” novel. He is not for viewers and viewers, he brings viewers and viewers to the ground floor. Keep on your knees a little longer, because the 3rd part ”

You can watch “365 days: This day” on Netflix.


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