The most suitable Free Fire HUD for aggressive players

The most suitable Free Fire HUD for aggressive players

Free Fire developers have added a certain degree of customization for survivors to improve their game. And that’s a good thing because people always like to customize their HUD settings according to what works for them. It goes without saying that HUD settings are one of the few things that people like to change when going for an aggressive style.

So that the players of free fire have everything within easy reach, we recommend arranging the HUD elements according to the image below. It is one of the most comfortable and widely used HUD configurations.

HUD for aggressive style in FF

HUD for aggressive style in FF

This HUD has the buttons placed in the most appropriate positions where players can easily access them.

The drag button is also well placed to land more headshots and control recoil. The grenade button is kept in the left corner so players can easily switch between different grenades like frag, smoke, and gloo wall grenades.

Players can keep most buttons transparent; however, the map must remain below 50. Otherwise, it could make it difficult to be aware of your surroundings.

FREE FIRE | Weekly Agenda Rewards for April 20-26.

  • April 20: Tier Shops and Flying Reload.
  • April 22: Fire Tower.
  • April 25: Magic Roulette.
  • April 26: Katana recharge.

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