The model Ary Tenorio denounced that she was the victim of street harassment in Mexico: “I felt outraged”

(Photo: Ig arianny.tenorio)

Ary Tenoriorenowned model and girlfriend of youtuber Lusito Comunica, denounced through her social networks that she suffered street harassment.

It was through your account TikTok where the native of Venezuela narrated that she was in the street when a man approached her and began to bother her and touching her without her consent.

“I do not intend to remain silent, because we should not remain silent. I was walking to have breakfast and a man came up with the ‘wonderful’ idea… he was on a motorcycle, he got on the sidewalk with a motorcycle and I said: ‘He’s going to rob me’ (…) before I was afraid of motorcycles because they would rob you quickly, now they pass by, they touch you and tell you morbid things”, he began to narrate.

In this sense, Ary stressed that she felt very uncomfortable at the time and was angry at the subject’s violent act towards her person.

(Photo: Ig arianny.tenorio)
(Photo: Ig arianny.tenorio)

“The man grabbed my buttocks with that desire, how disgusting, how dirty it felt, I really felt outraged and still: ‘ah, how delicious, I don’t know what’ No, no, no, ”said the influencer.

I tried to throw a punch at him and told him: ‘But what’s wrong with you’ and what did the man do? he left driving calmly. Like that, little glasses, the people around him were silent, no one saw, no one said anything.

The famous stressed that this was not the first time something similar had happened to her, because five years ago she was harassed on the Mexico City metrobus.

“I was in the metrobus and I was in the women’s car. The man arrives, I’m holding on to the little tube and it sticks to me and sticks to me, a lady notices and tells me: ‘Daughter, get over here’, then the man is still intense. The metrobus was super full and I feel like it grabs my buttock, I didn’t say anything, I turned around and punched him in the chest with all my might,” he said.


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According to Ary, at the time she confronted the subject, he denied being responsible for touching her.

“A face of a victim, which made me angry… victimizinge, but do you know what hurt me the most? that women told me: ‘Go to your country, damn foreigner’ We have to put a stop to this, “said the influencer through tears.

This can’t keep happening, people don’t have the right to touch you without your consent, they don’t have the right to tell you any morbid filth that comes to mind, much less come to say: ‘ah, because of the way you dress ‘ get that out of your head, when is it my fault here to dress as I dress (…) this is my body and I dress as I please and neither you nor anyone has the right to touch anyone who He hasn’t told you he wants you to touch him.

Finally, Ary Tenorio strongly urged a stop to these misogynistic attitudes, as he assured that women have the right to be able to go for a walk without feeling threatened or endangered by men in the street.


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