The mistakes Free Fire shotguns users should avoid in Battle Royale

Players rarely use shotguns in Free fire as they don’t fire bullets like machine guns and assault rifles. Nonetheless, shotguns provide the highest damage rate compared to other weapons in this battle royale game.

Players often make mistakes when using shotguns in BR and Clash Squad matches. Here are some mistakes to avoid getting more kills with this type of weapon in Free fire.

Medium to long range fights

Shotguns are explicitly designed for short-range fights, so if users use them for medium-to-long-range battles, the purpose of the weapon is defeated. Once used for short-range fights, game players Free fire they can deal more damage to their enemies.


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Do not use M1887 unless you are absolutely sure

Players sometimes have a hard time selecting the shotgun of their choice. However, they must always remember that the M1887 is capable of dealing maximum damage to enemies. However, the weapon has a very poor magazine, so you must be accurate with your shots or avoid this weapon altogether.

A poor backup weapon

All players of Free fire They know that they can use two weapons to defeat their enemies. If they want to play shotguns primarily, players should make sure they have a powerful assault rifle as a backup weapon to take down enemies when the distance from fights increases.

Not using the right character

Since Caroline is destined in Free fire for shotgun users, they make a big mistake by not choosing it. Other characters that help with healing, such as DJ Alok, Dimitri, and more, can also be used to properly increase HP.


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Do not use pets

Like the characters in Free fire, pets are beneficial with their unique abilities. Users should always use a health recovery pet when using a shotgun to take down their enemies.

What do you think about these Free Fire shotguns mistakes? Let us know in the comments.

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