The Mexican who made tortillas with the image of BTS and became a figure on TikTok


The dream of all ARMY of eating tortillas with the image of one of the members of the BTS group can now come true thanks to a businessman from Sonora.

The South Korean group BTS has reached all parts of the world with images printed on multiple artifacts, from socks to beverage cans, however on this occasion, a Mexican native of Sonora made tortillas with images of the faces of the members and it went viral tik tok.

Mexican ingenuity and creativity have always stood out, but this time they stole the hearts of the ARMYs, as an entrepreneur from the state of Sonora decided to modify his machine to make tortillas, giving a unique touch to each of them, in such a way that it can offer personalized tortillas.


In recent months they have become popular preparations of different models such as the sopes in the form of the knight of the night, that is to say Batman or the quesadillas and gorditas in the form of dinosaursbut who recently stole the spotlight were the tortillas with different characters and phrases.

The young entrepreneur offers any amount of said product with the image or phrase that customers requestin addition to pleasing his followers on the social network by creating anything they ask for.

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Where can the preparation be purchased?


First of all, it is very important to clarify that such an invention It can only be purchased in Mexican territory.

The creation took place in tortilla shop call The MexicanHowever, if you want to know more about the product or place an order, you can use the account of tik tok of the owner, that is Marbeto Alves.

What is the process to be able to place an image or phrase on personalized tortillas?

According to the testimony of its creator, personalized tortillas are achieved thanks to an adaptation that he personally performed at the end of your machine.


According to his explanation he made a adequacy in the output of the artifact with a stainless steel base order tortillas 60 by 60 to be able to burn them by means of Co2.

How much does it cost to buy a kilo of personalized tortillas with the image of one of the members of BTS?

According to the video posted on his personal account, the price per kilo of the product is 16 pesosthat’s right, even cheaper than anywhere in Mexico City or the State.

However it unknown if the price per shipment is the samebut there is no doubt that whatever the price, ARMYs would surely want to share the table with their favorite member, at least to feel like they are eating together.

On the video network TikTokyou can see a video of a person promoting tortillas with the face of Jimin from Bangtan Sonyeondan.

After a few minutes, the recording obtained thousands of shares and comments, where users asked where it was sold, however the owner simply replied that it was located in the State of Mexicowithout specifying the address.

The author pointed out that in one day they managed to sell more than 28 kilos of tortillas with the face of the members of BTS.

Perhaps one of the points for its popularity to be so constant is the mystery that keeps the local addressbecause despite the fact that in his videos he shows the local, sonly a true fan could find the address only through images.

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