‘The Mercenaries 4’ fails at the US box office and could also sink in Spain

The drastic drop that has affected the movie box office this weekend has not spared anyone. Not even to a Sylvester Stallone whose return to the screens with the fourth installment of The mercenaries It has taken a huge hit in the United States.

With a cast that includes both franchise regulars (Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren) and new additions like Megan fox, The mercenaries has collected 8.3 million dollars in its first weekend, despite the fact that its producers expected to reach at least 15. The only consolation, and a very meager one, is that none of the films in the American top have managed to reach the ten million mark.

Thus, the first place in the ranking corresponds to The nun 2 (8.40 million), while Mystery in Venice occupies third position with 6.30 million, followed by The Equalizer 2 (4.73 million) and Barbie, which resists in fifth position and takes 3.20 million more.

According to Variety, these figures also make The mercenaries in the film with the worst figures of its franchise. Always in the US, the first installment earned 34.8 million in 2010, its 2012 sequel earned 28.5 and The Mercenaries 3 (2014) ended the year with 15.8 million.

Generally, yes, the films in the saga have worked better outside their country of origin. However, it seems that The mercenaries Even that lifeline will fail: in the case of Spain, The film is absent from a top 10 box office whose members have not managed to reach one million euros. The films that occupy the podium in our country are Mystery in Venice (730,000 euros), The nun 2 (650,000 euros) and Campeonex (340,000 euros).

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