The ‘Mean Girls’ musical will finally be released in theaters

In U.S.A. paramount and Universal They have their own platforms streaming: respectively, Paramount+ and Peacock. Both majors They want to expand their offer in this market, and given the emergence of content that has no place in markets that do not have these services, it has emerged in Spain SkyShowtime. Despite everything, it still cannot be assured that the integrity of these productions will make the leap to our country, so it is still great news that it contains. Variety.

The musical of Bad Girls It is not going to be released on Paramount+ as planned, but in theaters. The studio has changed its mind regarding this long-awaited production, which is based on a successful musical by broadway based in turn on the very famous comedy of Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Mean Girls: The Musical has just confirmed its theatrical release for January 12, 2024, in the year that would mark two decades since the release of the original film. This date has not yet been officially replicated in Spain, but now there are more options than ever for the film to finally reach our cinemas.

Mean Girls: The Musical It’s already shot. It has in its distribution with Angourice Rice and the ascendant Renee Rapp (The sexual life of university girls) as Cady and Regina George. Also notable is the presence of Jenna Fischer and Jon Hammas well as Tina Fey and Tim Meadows returning after the original film, with Fey being its screenwriter and great promoter. The songs that were released on the charts are composed by Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjaminand direct Samantha Jayne and Arturo Pérez Jr. The film does not yet have an official trailer.

The announcement that the musical Bad Girls will go to theaters has been revealed by Paramount along with other news on its calendar. He biopic of Bob Marley with Kingsley Ben-Adir (titled One Love) will be released on February 14, 2024while the major sets a date for another of its most anticipated releases: Smile 2corresponding to the fan outcry that the original film unleashed last year, will be released on October 18, 2024. All in theaters, although Paramount has thought better of it with its animated film The Tiger’s Apprentice and this will go directly to streaming he January 19 Next year.

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