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“The Matrix” is a film about transgenderism. You do not believe? These examples are like the red pill

The Matrix movie

“Matrix of Resurrection” coming tomorrow, December 22, 2021, in theaters. The fourth part of “The Matrix” is one of the most anticipated premieres of this year. But what is “The Matrix” really about? We found out two decades after the premiere of the film. “The Matrix” is a film about … transgender. You don’t believe it? See for yourself.

434 interaction only after two decades do we learn what “The Matrix” really was about. As befits racial science fiction, it has its own hidden message, which is completely different from what we see at first glance. The cult film is an allegory of transgenderism. Will the upcoming production and the fourth part of the “Matrix of Resurrection” series say something new about this topic?

People with an IQ below 100 will find in the “Matrix” a metaphor of the modern world. Instead of machines breeding ignorant people, at the very top of the ladder are the Elites (Illuminati, Masons, Jews, Reptilians, Big Pharma – depends on the conspiracy theory that the person believes in), which are controlled by the media, politicians and ordinary grays (by HAARP, vaccines, 5G) to enrich themselves or to drink the blood of infants for eternal youth.

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The Matrix Resurrections review set the world on fire. The Resurrection Matrix only revives the excitement for a moment

For people with an IQ of around 100, “The Matrix” is a movie in which Keanu Reeves plays the president of an association working against the ubiquitous computers. At the same time, he believes that he leads a normal life in 1997. Only when he is irradiated by mysterious waves in the laboratory does his vision of the world completely change. Sounds ridiculous, right? However, this is a description of a newspaper film.

The Matrix – what is this movie about?

People with an above-average IQ will get through the simulation simulation and reach the very core of the “Matrix”. They will connect facts and get an image of a movie that they will never see the same way again. Like on “Top Gun” by Quentin Tarantino’s interpretation. Here are the things that make the movie of the Wachowski sisters so much more than a tribute to the anime “Ghost in The Shell”. I based them, among others in an interview with Lana Wachowski and Netflix posts.

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The film was supposed to be about transgender from the beginning, but “the world was not ready for it

The Matrix – what is it about?The Wachowski sisters functioned as men in society at the time the film was made. The siblings underwent gender reassignment years later and Larry became Lana (2012) and Andy became Lilly (2016). This alone fueled rumors about the hidden meaning of their magnum opus. Lana confirmed last year that it was actually meant to be an allegory of transgenderism, and she can finally talk about it outright at last.

– That was the original idea, but the world was not ready for it … at the corporate level, the corporate world was not ready for it – she admitted. She is also happy that the film “saved the lives” of many trans people. According to her, talking about transformation in the world of science fiction appeal to them. It is in this genre that impossible ideas become quite real.

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Switch was supposed to be a trans personsexual

Switch explains the “Matrix” allegoryThe label was not ready, incl. on the originally invented character Switch played by Belinda McClory, who was supposed to be transsexual. The film could literally portray how such people really feel.

“The Matrix” is a film about the need for transformation seen from the point of view of a person “in the wardrobe” (it’s about people before coming out – ed.). So we had a character named Switch who was supposed to be a man in the real world and a woman in the Matrix.

Lana was saying.

Only in 2015, in the series “Sense8”, Wachowski managed to implement the concept of being in his body without any subtext, as well as casting an actress and, at the same time, a trans character – Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) in such a role. In fact, their entire filmography is LGBT-themed.

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“Let there be no traces” with no chance for an Oscar. The Poles, however, are left with nothing

Neo is a person with gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is “the suffering felt by an individual because of a gender mismatch with the gender assigned at birth.” Morpheus in an enigmatic monologue diagnosed Neo. He made him realize that he was leading a double life (as a respected corporal and a “bad” hacker) and always “felt something but couldn’t explain it.”

He knew there was something wrong with the world, and it was like “a splinter in the mind driving you crazy.” This sentence to many trances sounds like describing the feeling when your identity does not align with your body and social schemas.

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By the way, I would like to add that Keanu Reeves did not know the metaphor behind his character at the time of filming, but years later he found it “deep” and “cool”. I wonder how all this will translate into the upcoming 4th part of the movie entitled The Matrix of Resurrection “.

The Matrix is ​​a world in which there are only two genders

The Matrix itself is meant to symbolize a system of generally accepted norms by society, i.e. a conservative approach called gender binarism. It is an assumption that there are only two cultural genders that are inseparable from biological sex. – The Matrix is ​​trapping you Trinity insisted.

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After escaping from the Matrix, the hit on board of Nebuchadnezzar – a dingy hovercraft, which can also symbolize the situation after “leaving the closet”, is also very telling. Trans people often live on the sidelines of society, sometimes even destitute after being thrown out of their home by intolerant parents.

The red pill is a reference to hormone therapy

This is my favorite plot in this allegory, which has taken on a completely opposite overtone over the years. “The Red pill” has different connotations in internet slang. It can mean finding out the truth about the world around us by exploring the aforementioned conspiracy theories. He is also associated with the “manosphere”, the anti-feminist movement and incels. However, the creators of “The Matrix” had a completely different idea.

In the 1990s, the estrogen pill that transgender people were taking was just red in color. Taking it by Thomas Anderson (the name is supposed to refer to a hormone called aldosterone, which is blocked in therapy) and taking it to the “real world” had a bottom line. In addition to discovering and accepting the truth about himself, it also meant the beginning of the transition.

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Agents are actually transphobes

Who is Agent Smith from The Matrix? A transphobe. This theory started to appeal to the imagination better in the confusion with the non-binary activist Margot. Right-wing media and Internet users did not call her by the name she had adopted but stubbornly used her dead name. In trans nomenclature, it is simply a name on a birth certificate that a person rejects. She is often associated with a traumatic “binary” past.

And then, relentless agent Smith appears in black with his colleagues. Towards Chosen One, he uses his dead name and underlines the word “lord”. During the iconic fight in the subway, he says “My name is Neo!” and throws it under the train.

Even the Wachowski sisters were spoken of with contempt for many years. So far, on the Internet you can find “funny” entries commenting on their transition. I won’t even mention other out-of-binary people.

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“No Way Home” is epic. For the MCU, it would be better if it turned out to be another Spider-Man movie

Bullet time shows the experiences of transgender people

Metaphors are used not only on the script level, but also on the visual level. Shots that are still impressive today bullet time, in which the camera revolves around a “frozen” character, revolutionized action films and contributed to the success of “The Matrix”. Also, they are not only what they seem at first glance.

Bullet time is supposed to change our perception to show how transgender people see themselves. It gives the impression of interpenetration of two presents. This effect resonates with the experience of sex change and its multiple embodiments over time, explained Professor Cáel Keegan, author of Lana and Lilly Wachowski: Sensing Transgender.

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The last scene is a manifesto of trans people

Throughout the entire “Matrix” there are scenes full of metaphors that perfectly fit the new interpretation. One of the motives is that Neo was not convinced that he was the Chosen One. The oracle explained to him that “being the Chosen One is like being in love. Nobody will tell you that, you just know it.” Once it was just a simple golden thought, now it refers to people who are unsure of their sexuality and identity

Finally, after Neo defeated the agents in a spectacular manner and fully discovered the truth about himself and the Matrix, he gives a monologue, which I will quote in full. It can be read in different ways. One is that Neo is Jesus, and the other is an appeal to transphobs. After all, hate mainly comes from fear.

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I know you are there. I can feel you. I know you are afraid. You’re afraid of us. You are afraid of changes. I don’t know the future. I won’t tell you how it ends. But let me tell you how it starts. I’ll hang up the phone and show people what you were hiding from them. A world without you. The world is uncontrolled, without borders and orders. A world where anything is possible. What happens next is up to you.

Neo announces.

Bonus: the word “trans” is written like an ox in the “Matrix.”

Still from the movie “The Matrix”In the previously described ending scene, the camera flies in between the letters “M” and “F” (Male and Female – Male and Female), suggesting there is something in between. It’s not everything. “Call it a crazy coincidence, but one of the first and last things we see on the screen in the >> Matrix << is the word >> trans <<” – we read in Netflix’s post. Anyone else have any questions?

“The Matrix of Resurrection” in theaters on December 22, 2021.

The text has been updated. The first version was released in July 2021.

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