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The map of the youtubers with the most money in the world

The map of the youtubers with the most money in the world
YouTube channels with the most money from each country in South America. (Screenshot: SavingSpot)

make money with Youtube it’s getting harder, but still, 400,000 Americans make a living off the streaming platform, and that number is growing around the world. This curious and complete Map shows the YouTubers richest in each country.

And it is that it may TikTok either twitch may have caught on, but the streaming platform of Google it remains the most visited in the world, with 13.3 billion visits per month, according to CashNetUSA.

Every minute 694,000 hours of video are transmitted on the platform, exceeding 452,000 hours per minute of Netflix. This has its advantages because videos of Youtube they are much shorter than the movies and series on the Swedish platform.

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The richest YouTube channels in each country

The company SavingSpot conducted research based on data from SocialBlade to create a comprehensive map of the richest YouTube channels in each country. Below you can see a map of the highest earning YouTubers in the world:

YouTube channels with the most money from each country in the world.  (photo: SavingSpot)
YouTube channels with the most money from each country in the world. (photo: SavingSpot)

It may not look good, so TechMarkup recommends entering this link to appreciate the map with a higher resolution. After entering this link, it will be possible to verify that the YouTube channels that generate the most money are the children’s channels and the gaming channels. And in the Top 3, the figures are truly staggering.

CoComelonan American children’s channel with variations in English, Spanish, and other languages, is the highest-grossing channel in YouTube history, earning a whopping $282.8 million since 2006. It consists primarily of songs and short animated episodes. , which children reproduce over and over again.

The highest grossing YouTube channel in Europe is like Nastya from Russia, which has accumulated $167.5 million. This channel stars a girl who had a stroke at birth. The doctors did not give her much hope of walking and talking, but with therapy and exercise she managed to get ahead. It also has a Spanish version.

Nastya.  (photo: Dailysia.com)
Nastya. (photo: Dailysia.com)

In South America there is another channel for children, the infant kingdom, which is the one that accumulates the most profits, with 102.2 million dollars. Like CoComelon, it is an animation channel that includes songs, stories and adventures, and even live shows.

The Children's Kingdom.  (photo: YouTube)
The Children’s Kingdom. (photo: YouTube)

In Spainthe children’s channel the little rats grosses $19.4 million. It is the second with the most earnings in the mentioned country. Two sisters, Claudia Y gisele, they play different games, challenge and test toys. They even have their own sales line.

The Rats.  (photo: YouTube)
The Rats. (photo: YouTube)

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The gaming channels, in the second step

Games are YouTube’s second most profitable business after children’s shows. FGTeeV He is the richest YouTuber among gaming channels, with a combined earnings of $47 million and more than 22 billion views on his videos.

And while it’s a gaming channel, it also targets young audiences with family-friendly gaming quizzes.

FGTeeV.  (photo: YouTube)
FGTeeV. (photo: YouTube)

As can be seen on this map of Europethe richest YouTubers by country are in the British Isles. DanTDM exceeds 39 million dollars and jacksepticeye the 32 million.

In third place on the continent, as the richest Spanish-speaking youtuber, he has to vegeta777 who earned $31.4 million on YouTube. These are numbers that are light years ahead of the others, since most of the richest YouTubers in each country barely reach 2 million dollars.

Vegeta777.  (photo: YouTube)
Vegeta777. (photo: YouTube)

After having seen all these figures, the conclusion is simple: if any TechMarkup reader wants to get rich on YouTube, the best thing to do is to create an animation channel for children or a channel where they are the protagonists.

On the subject of the richest YouTubers in each country in the world, the influence of idiom. As you can see on the map, the most profitable channels are American and British because English is the universal language. The mentioned The Children’s Kingdom, The Little Rats either vegeta777 They benefit from the fact that Spanish is a language spoken by more than 500 million people and has an audience in all Hispanic countries.

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