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The mansion of The Godfather of 1972 can be rented by Airbnb

The godfather’s mansion is available on Airbnb

This is one of the most iconic mansions in movie history, especially from the classic, since its facade and outdoor areas were one of the settings for the 1972 movie “The Godfather”, and now it can be rented on Airbnb on Staten Island, in New York City, United States.

For now, the residence built in 1930 will be available for rent during the month of August, thereafter no information is yet known. Likewise, the reservation must be made for the 30 nights of the month and will be available from July 27.

The point is that if you want to take over the mansion for Airbnb, it will only accept capacity for 5 people due to its exclusivity, however, these lucky ones will have the opportunity to swim in their saltwater pool, have some fun in the games room, have a drink in the underground bar or work out in your private gym.

The Godfather mansion is available for rent on Airbnb
The Godfather mansion is available for rent on Airbnb

This platform to rent lodging was news recently, because he ended the parties in his lodgings. The app made the decision after a party got out of hand.

The complaints of the owners of these vacation properties have not been few and they have realized the deterioration of the sites after checking out, it being evident that monumental parties were presented in the place.

Even one of the most notorious cases was the one that occurred in 2018 in a villa in Torrelodones, Spain, where more than 12,000 euros of damage were reported after a party which was attended by around 200 people and which was not exactly a calm meeting.

Precisely for that year, the scandal over parties full of excesses in rental places advertised on the internet reached its peak, causing the most famous platform, Airbnb, to temporarily ban unauthorized parties in the properties offered on its website. and application.

However, it was not a measure that would prevent some of the clients from continuing to hold meetings that seemed inspired by “the bacchanals” of ancient Rome, and of course, without the permission of the owners.

Continuing the story of Airbnb’s “Project X” style parties, with the arrival of the pandemic, the tech company’s regulations seemed to become even stricter by extending the ban on social gatherings for public health reasons in houses and apartments of rental. Also, during the most complex time of covid -9, no more than 16 people were allowed in the rented properties either.

But with the return to normality, it seemed that the rules of coexistence in the accommodations were forgotten and parties that ended up getting out of control reappeared.

With all this, and having reduced complaints about out-of-control parties by 44% during the pandemic, Airbnb ended up definitively banning parties from its lodging places.

The only restriction that was lifted was a maximum limit of 16 guests per property. With the world apparently out of danger from covid-19, properties that have the capacity to accommodate more than this number of people, such as farms, can do so again without any problem.

What consequences does it bring if a party is organized

Airbnb has indicated that the punishments for organizing parties in rented properties could range from the temporary cancellation of the account of the user who made the reservation, to the permanent veto of the platform.

According to some internet data, in 2021 more than 6,600 accounts were banned due to scandals that occurred in these accommodations.


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