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The Man Who Copied: director finds Indian copy of film

Filmmaker Jorge Furtado recently discovered an Indian copy of his film The Man Who Copied Through a post on Facebook, Furtado reveals that the copy was written and directed by Indian director Swathi Bhaskar in 2009, released under the name Currency.


“We learned from Wikipedia that there was a film ‘inspired’ by ours, spoken in Malayalam, the dominant language in the province of Kerala (India). A friend scoured the internet and got a copy. It’s the same story, with identical sequences to our film, interspersed with the traditional musical scenes that almost every Indian film has”, said Furtado on Facebook.

Still according to the publication, the Brazilian director claims that it is impossible to deal with a coincidence.


“Our film was screened at the Kerala festival in 2003, I won the director’s award, and since then Indian producers have made proposals to buy the script and reshoot the story in India. As we never reached an agreement (the money offer it was ridiculous) they gave up buying the script but not making the movie. And they did, stealing the script.”

(Source: Globo Filmes/Disclosure)Source: Globe

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The original Brazilian film starred Lázaro Ramos, Leandra Leal, Pedro Cardoso and Luana Piovani. In the plot, Ramos plays a young photocopier machine operator. He starts using the machine to counterfeit money, with the aim of giving it to the woman he fell in love with.

With that, Furtado took the opportunity to release a link for the public to download Currency, the Indian production that plagiarized his work. The director does not intend to file a plagiarism lawsuit in court.

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